I'm so excited!

I just saw this piece of staff information about me. I don’t remember filling in a form about it, and I still don’t have uniforms with Cymraeg embroidered in, but even so.


Always reckoned speaking Welsh was a super power… special attribute is another way of saying it!
Da iawn Margaret!

All our work email signatures have this at the bottom:
Ysgrifennwch ataf yn Gymraeg neu Saesneg
You can write to me in Welsh or in English


This is the one I use - Feel free to copy/download.

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@margaretnock That’s awesome! (Yes, I’m American :blush: ) I’m really pleased for you! :tada: :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


To tell the truth, I’m sure it means I speak Welsh, not that my heritage has suddenly changed. I do ask those older relatives who have done family research if there is any Welsh ancestry, but no one knows of any.

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@siaronjames, did you know about my favourite T shirt?


Margaret Nock rocks! :slight_smile: