Idea dump: how to get more people using their Welsh?

Let’s start an idea dump for how to get more people using their Welsh.

Ideally, keep it short and clear - in other words, just explain the idea, don’t try to justify it or canvas support for it at this stage… :slight_smile:

Increasing the level of entry Welsh (starting conversations in Welsh).

Not sure I follow - you mean encouraging more people to start more conversations in Welsh, or something different? :slight_smile:

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Sorry, exactly that. Shops, hospitals, GPs, leisure centres, cafes…starting with “Helo, sut fedra i’ch helpu chi?” Or something similar.

ITV’s move to interview and subtitle Welsh speakers is a positive step.

Signs saying “ceisiwch eich Cymraeg yma”



Have some sort of sign-up that people can choose a “pethau bychain” to do (maybe every day for a week, month etc) “Always say thanks/please, shwmae” for the nervous or “always start in Welsh” for the confident and other similar thing/ (Been reading a lot about habit forming and embedding small changes recently!)

A crowdsourced project of where you can use your Welsh, we had a map with this once didn’t we? Almost a TripAdvisor for Welsh-speakingness.

While I neither me nor the tutor’s seemed totally sold on the "keep a log of when you’ve used Welsh) there is stuff to be said for being accoutnable to yourself when trying to take the plunge so perhaps something of thst nature (I’m into gamification at the moment so a kind of electronic badge system perhaps).

I also started a while ago trying to put together a sort of template scrapbook/jrnal thing with peompts for using Welsh a -those kind of template jounrals/list aking tools seem pretty popular at the moment.


Get willing learners in to talk to exisiting groups who meet regularly and are likely to be supportive - Merched y Waw etc.p about what’s helpful if people want to help.


Love the idea of a cumulation of lots of of little things - something anyone and everyone can do, no matter what their level of learning is. Not only making changes that benefit ourselves, but that influence others in obvious or even subtle ways. Also this leans toward the positivity that oozes out of SSIW, and is exactly why I will now randomly throw Welsh at poor, unsuspecting people.

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get friendly pubs to give one free drink to anyone speaking Welsh!


Everything up to here added to the Trello card…:slight_smile:

Should we add to Trello or here?

I’m a software developer, so thats my hammer and every problem is a nail. :slight_smile:

It would be nice to have a page on the website kind of like ffrinDiaith, however, it would be a listing of users who are currently online and interested in speaking Welsh. It could be enabled (via WebRTC) to do the whole connection, audio and video directly from the page. So user logs in, sees available speakers, clicks on link and starts talking.

I could put together a prototype and pretty short order if there is interest.

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I think if we add here (so that discussion can happen) and all share the work of filtering stuff over to Trello as our list depository (maybe only moving other people’s stuff over, so that it always has the ‘proofing’ layer?)…

This is a terrific idea - I’m sure there are all sorts of software initiatives that could have a huge impact on the project - and what you’ve described is something I’ve long dreamed of. It would be absolutely brilliant if you could put a prototype together!


I really like this idea, also something like ‘start to use your Welsh here’ 'dechrau defnyddiol (?) dy Cymraeg di yma…

Wouldn’t the most important thing in implementing any of these wonderful ideas be to generate passion and excitement amongst the public? Social medial/ campaign etc


Just thought of another strap line…Become one of the one million .
Sorry can’t do that one in Welsh.


Yes, social media will be important - e.g. create one of those overlay things people add to their profile pic on Facebook “I’m one in a million” or similar


or in my case I’m going to be one in a million! Still sounds good. Dw’in mynd i bod un mewn miliwn?

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I seriously think we should start using this soon to get people committing and taking ownership of the One Million speakers. In Cymraeg with a little Welsh dragon. I like ‘i’m going to be…’ because it encourages commitment. In a way its the 0.5M who aren’t yet Welsh speakers that we need to target (sorry involve).

thought again ‘Be one in a million’ I have no idea what the imperative of bod is…

Just thinking out loud what about an e-mail invite to everyone in Wales to start using SSIW and to become part of the million

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@aran @Iestyn someone please help this is going to keep me awake
Bydd un mewn miliwn?

Byddwch yn un mewn miliwn?

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Pam lai / Why not? :smile:

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