'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'

If you’ve got that far you’re most of the way there!

( You’ve got through the tricky ones! )

Rich :slight_smile:

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And, of course, Brum used to be part of the greater “Wales”.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because…I will be going to my first Eisteddfod in August, AND though I was born and raised in Aotearoa-Sealand Newydd, my heart is also Welsh.
The ONE thing I’m hoping for is the joy of mixing & speaking with Welsh speakers, and making friends. The other ONE thing is that it will bring me closer to the landscapes, and the ancient and holy places of Wales, as well as the poetry, myths and stories.


Croeso i’r ffwrm! Welcome to the forum. I can totally relate BronwenJones. I was born, raised and live in the United States, having never been to Wales, and I find learning the language has encouraged me learn more about my heritage, it’s history, culture, the music…everything I can.

Hope your journey is exciting for you!


It did?!

i want to be a welsh speaker because my partner and his family are first language welsh and i would love to speak to them in their own language and not have to switch to English when Im around.
also living now in mid wales where there is alot of spoken welsh it just feels like i should be more immersed in the culture around me. i love hearing it being spoken and look forward to finally joining in.




I now have a daughter who is going to be a welsh speaker and I want to be able to share our culture and language more fully with her.

One thing I hope will happen when I am a welsh speaker is that my 1st language welsh speaking friends and family will be proud of me.


Without a doubt they will be proud of you, Hannah-11! Before they show pride in you, there will be the look of surprise on their faces when you hold your first conversation with them. After about 5-7 challenges you will have enough skills to join conversations on a small scale. If I can give any advice, don’t wait until you think you know enough to speak confidently to start a conversation. With learning any language, even as a child, we all make mistakes and that is some of the fun. I once asked, “Is it still raining beer?” Everyone had a good laugh. :joy: By speaking as much as you can, and making mistakes, is how we learn the best. Just speak as often as you can and you’ll be fluent in no time!

Croeso i’r ffrwm! (Welcome to the forum!)


I’m on the 6mth course, Rich, 9 of 24 so a few more to go yet and I’ve just encountered - ‘ychydig o ffrindiau’!!! Getting very tongue tied trying to put that into a sentence…:rofl:


Yes ychydig is a good one for spitting on yourself! :smile:

We’ve all been there!

Rich :slight_smile:


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want my children to be bilingual and have that part of their culture, a chance that I never had as a child. And when they go to Welsh school, I want to be able to support them fully. I will feel so proud of myself when I become a Welsh speaker, I’ve been wanting to speak Welsh for years! Plus it will be great that I can talk about my English husband with my children and he won’t understand us :wink:


He might just discover SSiW…:hushed:
And welcome!


Hidden in your sentence, I believe, is the REAL-SECRET reason everyone wants to learn Welsh. We say, we want to connect to our heritage, or to speak to our children/friends/colleagues or provide a path of learning for our children (pass on the heritage). We’re humans, we like to project our noble aspirations, when in fact, all we really want to do is to hear all of the juicy, Welsh gossip. :rofl:
“Nest ti clywed am gwr Megan?”
“Naddo. Be’ oedd o’n gwneud, rwan?”

I was born, raised and live in the United States but have been fortunate to count several native speakers as friends and they assure me, there is nothing like participating in a Welsh gossip session yn hen iaith! It’s the best, I’ve been told!


I think they will be more than pleased with you. They will very likely be ecstatic! :hugs:


But it’s such a feeling of achievement once you do! :smiley:


Yay! I’ve got it. It’s the ‘drink or two’ now…pronunciation? Maybe I need a couple anyway :clap::beers:, perhaps it will help. :sweat_smile:


I want to be a Welsh speaker for several reasons: I’m Welsh; I want to tick that Welsh speaker box on the next census; I’m envious of those who’ve always had it in their lives; and the beauty of the sound of the language. On current progress I might not make the census target but you never know. On the other hand I was watching Yr Wythnos and found myself saying pah to one of the news items, so somethings sticking


I want to speak Welsh because I live in Wales.
Dw’i isio siarad Cymraeg achos dwi’n byw yn Cymru.


This is interesting @rhian-sykes :slightly_smiling_face:

“Being bilingual make Wales more open-minded” :point_down: