'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'

… my sister and her family live in Wales, and whenever I visit them I feel there is such a rich culture that would be even more accessible to me if I were to understand and speak its language. The next time I meet with some of their Welsh-speaking friends I want to be able to hold a decent conversation in Cymraeg and not be lost for words (as I was the last time).


My Grandparents were Welsh speaking and I dont want Welsh to be lost from our family.


because I think it’ll make me feel even more proud of being from this wonderful country. :wales:


I want to be a welsh speaker because: Dad was Welsh but never spoke the language. Also as the oldest European language it deserves to be loved and revered and should not be allowed to just fade away. The Welsh are the keepers of the myths and legends of the Islands of Britain (as are the Irish and the Scots) and I feel it is important that we can keep the ties to those stories alive in their language. (if youve never read the Mabinogi, you should - I want to read it in Welsh!) Also Welsh culture is full and vibrant and deserves to be heard in its native tongue. And finally, I love Wales and want to interact with the people and the landscape on their/it’s own terms.


I want to learn Welsh because I am proud to be Welsh and it’s about time I learned the language.
Achieving this will make my life more complete and a huge step in returning to Wales to live.


I want to be able to converse with my grandchildren in Welsh as it is their first language.


I want to make up for forgetting everything I learned in my Welsh GCSE. I hope it will give me more options if I choose to move back to Wales.


because…I want to hold a conversation with my welsh speaking partner and show him just how much his culture means to me

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