I still need to

I’m only on week 3, but pleasantly surprised that I remembered more this week than I did on week 2! Now, I know the guidance says listen and repeat and don’t try to look up words to see how they’re spelled - but… I always forget that “I still need to” sounds like “mandala shavey”. I forget it because I’m still used to “I need” being “rhaid i fi”, and “mandala shavey” doesn’t sound anything like that, so I have difficulty remembering it without knowing how it’s derived, and would quite like to know how to spell it. I do find listening challenging as although I’m not technically hard of hearing, I do have difficulty (even in English) making out words - for instance, I can rarely understand song lyrics in English.

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Yeah, I kind of regret adding the ‘still’! It does particular damage on the southern course - sorry!

You’re going from:

Mae eisiau i mi


Mae dal eisiau i mi


But really, take everything with a ‘still’ in it as a free hit, and blame me for them :notes::notes::flushed::flushed:

“Mae dal eisiau i mi”. NOW it makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks for you reply, Aran - very much appreciated.


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