I haven't had

Prynhawn da, a member in our group has asked a question, she wants to know how to say “I haven’t had” as in i haven’t received or I haven’t got,
Would it be “ches i ddim cael” or “dw i ddim wedi cael”?
Thank you

Hi Stephen!

Dw i ddim wedi cael’ would be I haven’t had or I haven’t received’.
'Nes i ddim cael’ would be ‘I didn’t get

‘Ches i ddim…’ would be another way to say I didn’t get….

For example:
Ches i ddim cyfle - 'I didn’t get a chance
Ches i ddim rhybudd - ‘I didn’t get a warning’
Ches i ddim cacen - ‘I didn’t get cake

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That’s brilliant, thank you very much

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Phew, I’m relieved to see that when I tested myself by mentally answering before reading Catrin’s response, I got it right :sweat_smile: Encouraging!

My thinking was that you are currently in a state of not having received the item. So dwi ddim - present tense.