I can’t record in soundcloud with Apple phone

I am currently doing the 6 month course but have so far failed to record myself on soundcloud. I have an Apple phone, has anyone else encounterd this problem? What can I do?

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Hi Claire. Someone, familiar with Apple will probably help you out reasonably shortly. There might be something similar already on the forum. It might be worth doing a forum search.

Perhaps John was referring to this thread
As other people have suggested, it may be best or necessary to record locally using software on your PC or device and then upload to Soundcloud. I believe that most devices and operating systems have built in facilities for recording. If not, I recommend Audacity - powerful, free software which is available for Windows, Linux, Android and (probably) IOS.

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I have downloaded sound cloud on iPhone and iPad and signed in but I cannot find the “record” or “upload” button at all - it is not an option that I can see… is this the same problem as you had? How did you overcome it? Tbh feeling really stupid as not even sure how to ask a question on a thread on slack - just found the reply button here :flushed:


Hi Kate,

Tbh I think SoundCloud on the phone is a bit confusing - so it is not you - I ended up using a PC as it seemed more straightforward but I have just replied to your other post here

Rich :slight_smile:


Hi Kate.

Many of us have found the uploading almost as hard as learning Welsh :grin: so nothing to feel awkward about. Its worth it in the end though.

Before going to Soundclouud, you will need to record your message first on your phone tablet or computer and save it. There should be a a program or App such as Voice Recorder for this.

Then you open Soundcloud and upload the recording from the saved file.

Finally you upload this SoundCloud file to SSiW

I hope this helps. If not, perhaps one of us could help you through the process. It took me a while to get my head around it.


I have faced the same problem after the install itunes on windows 7 the cloud was not at all working. There was no sound coming from the application so please help me to fix the problem so that I can work with it.

I have sent you all private messages - to find them, click on the coloured dot by your name icon on the top right of your screen!


Dear Bronwen it looks from the thread that you have some answers about how to record on Soundcloud with an iPhone.Could you tell me how you do it? Its driving me mad!

Sorry, @joanna-evans, I’m a technophobe. I hope someone else can sort you out, but if not, I’m happy to hear people say their sentences on Slack/Skype or even over the phone, as no-one is going to be prevented from learning just by technology!

I have the same iPhone issue. Tried looking online for solutions but none of them work.

Hoping you’ve sorted it now. You’ve probably already checked this forum. If not, just click on the search (magnifying glass above) and enter: Soundcloud
or try this link -
Soundcloud helpu!

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This was written by someone using an iOS device, so hopefully will be of some help to you

guide_to_ios_soundcloud_for_ssiw_ers.pdf (362.7 KB)

There is also this summary from the #3-useful-gems thread in the 6/6 Support Slack group:

  1. Get “SoundCloud” and create an account;
  2. Download the “AudioCopy” app from the App Store - it’s free.
  3. Record your Welsh onto AudioCopy. It has a direct link to send the file to SoundCloud.
  4. Open the page in SSiW that you want to copy your Welsh to and click on ‘Reply’.
  5. Find your file in SoundCloud click on ‘share’ and click on ‘public’. You will have a file name displayed. Copy the file name and then paste it into your reply on SSiW.

Diolch yn fawr to the person who wrote this guide. I would not have managed to record this in a million years otherwise!


When I open Soundcloud I only get an option to play music, nothing that says join on download or record. I really can’t understand how to do this… I’m an old bird… but I feel I’m missing something. Any help gratefully recieve Tx

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Yes to be fair, I sometimes got that with the newer version of soundcloud. It might be worth looking for a link in this (SSiW) topic or elsewhere to try to get the correct soundcloud page. Or do you go to file or login command or something?

Im tagging @Deborah-SSi for help :thinking:

I downloaded an app called AudioCopy. You can record on that and share your recording to Soundcloud.

There is a document a little further up the thread for iOS users. Is that any use to you?
I’m pretty sure you can’t record in the SoundCloud app itself.

My problem too. haven’t done it at all. I gave up on it in the end, and just do the lessons now, as it got me SO frustrated.