I can’t record in soundcloud with Apple phone

I too have an apple phone. What I do is record myself in audio copy, which can be downloaded from the AppStore. Then, share it to Soundcloud. From there, you can copy and paste into the forum. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how to do that… I keep loosing things and accidentally pasting my recordings in random places :joy:

Yes, this seems to work quite well for people with iPhones.

The secret is not to try and record within SoundCloud itself, but to record separately using whatever voice recorder you want then upload this into SoundCloud.

Some voice recording software like the AudioCopy app, lets you do it directly from there; others require you to go into SoundCloud and click ‘Upload’ then find the voice file that you made.

I’ve spent hours trying to record on an older iPhone (it’s too old and I now know this is impossible), then I tried on my new ish iPad but never get to a record button. Really spent hours on this when I should be learning welsh! So now I’m using the record memo already installed on my iPad and hope that will work for the course. Maybe you could try that?

OK so I set up a SoundCloud account, and then I downloaded the AudioCopy app, I recorded myself in AudioCopy and then sent the file to SoundCloud – or so it said – but now I can’t find my recording on SoundCloud anywhere. What gives? Where do I find the bloody recording? I have an iPhone. Am about to give up. this is too time consuming and why is such a difficult process being used anyway

Hi, @sara-dumont. I don’t know how to use SoundCloud or why it’s used for recording practice, but I do know that swearing and bad temper aren’t productive on this forum, which rightly prides itself on its politeness, kindness and difference from many other online forums. Most people seem to be able to use it without too much difficulty, but as you’ll see from the comments above, some people do find it frustrating. Perhaps the advice above will give you the help you need?

I have tried everything suggested in the comments above. AudioCopy says it links with SoundCloud and confirmed that the recording was sent — and I did it 5 times — But there seems to be no way to find them on the SoundCloud app. I spent the better part of an hour looking and clicking on everything k1and I am not a complete techno-idiot, am usually able to use all manner of technology. Bad temper — which this frustration has now engendered in me — is certainly not conducive to learning. So in the absence of anyone helping or of SSIW deciding to use a different platform that won’t cause so many people so much trouble, I’m choosing to give up. I only hope that not being able to use SoundCloud won’t hinder my future progress, given that the messages have indicated that I will “need” to use it. I apologise for my temper but things have been going so well up until now and I’m serious about my learning, so this is immensely discouraging, not just frustrating

Me too It’s much harder than learning welsh.