I am not a Robot

Google have recently added Welsh (cy) their reCAPTCHA system, so you can now click on ‘Nid wyf yn robot’:

The screenshot also shows the MS Edge date input which also shows up in Welsh if you have set your input language to Welsh

Interestingly the Welsh for browser is ‘porwr’, from ‘pori’, to graze.


Hello @martin-chatfield
That is amazing It is great to see google using welsh into their recaptcha system it is an important step for making it easier for welsh speakers online.
The addition of welsh language support for time inputs in Microsoft Windows is also a lovely touch for people who want to communicate online in Welsh. :heart_hands:

It’s interesting to create a Welsh-language user in Windows, then everything is Welsh e.g. Notepad:

Or Gosodiadau (Settings) in Edge:

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My work computer is set to Welsh, and it doesn’t half confuse the tech team if I need help with an issue!

Also, for those of you that have Windows, you can add “Cysgliad” as a plug-in so you can have a really top-class spelling and grammar checker on Word, Outlook, etc. (What I particularly like about the grammar checker is it tells you why things might need to be changed, so it’s helped me improve my mutations etc in formal writing.)

Also for Windows, the “To Bach” plug-in is brilliant for creating accents: ISL - To Bach