How to translate 'Check in'

Prynhawn da. I’m currently trying to find the best translation for the words ‘check in’ and ‘check out’ in Welsh as in, for example, check in at the Hotel or check in at the Reception. I’ve googled it but no joy. I know you’ve got words like ‘cofrestru’ but not sure if this sounds too formal. Could I get away with ‘gwirio i mewn’ and ‘gwirio allan’ or does this sound plain odd? Diolch yn fawr am eich help!

No, gwirio is to check as in to verify, so this would sound odd in the ‘check-in’ context.

Your best bet, I think, for ‘check-in’ would be ‘cofnodi’
e.g. check-in your bags - cofnodi dy fagiau, check-in yourself (at the hotel) - cofnodi dy enw (yn y gwesty).
For check-out, I’d suggest ‘hawlio’ (to claim) for bags (hawlio dy fagiau), or ‘ymadael’ (to depart) for yourself (ymadael y gwesty)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr Siaron. This sounds great. Do you think ‘cofnodi i mewn’ would be ok as it would be a computerised check in as opposed to physically writing a signature when checking in?

well to sign your name is llofnodi or arwyddo (two words, same meaning), whereas cofnodi is more like ‘make a note of’, so I’d say cofnodi dy enw (or cofnodi’ch enw if you want to be more polite) would be fine for both computerised or physical ‘check-in’.

I’m just going to tag @Deborah-SSi as I think she offers AirBnB and so might have a better practical insight than me (I’m just going more down the line of dictionary definitions! :wink: )

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Bendigedig Siaron. Diolch yn fawr am dy gymorth heddi.


mewngofnodi is what my computer asks me for when I need to log in and allgofnodi when I want to log out. This is not the same as what you want though is it?

It helps having my phone and computers all in Welsh, I now know my gosodiadau from my argraffu, words I probably would not have come across otherwise.

Diolch Toffidil. I think this could work as well.

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I would go with what you’ve suggested already @siaronjames :slight_smile:

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I think ‘cofrestru’ is probably used more often than ‘cofnodi’… :slight_smile:

Diolch yn fawr for all your suggestions today. It has been very helpful.

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Just curious now:
is cofestru, as in Cardiff airport website page title wrong?
Or just another way to spell it?

Maybe I’m looking at a different Cardiff Airport website page, but as far as I can see, it’s spelt correctly (cofrestru) every time it appears. (cofestru not a word or spelling variant as far as I know) :thinking:


I saw this page:
(title - because I see in the text it seems cofrestru)

Ah, yes I was looking at a different page. Looks like a typo to me because they’ve spelt it correctly elsewhere on the same page!

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When we had our “Magnificent Saith” reunion in Lland’od a couple of years ago I used “tsieco mewn” & “tsieco mas” which had the offical seal of approval from Catrin. :laughing:


In addition to “cofrestru”, offers:

…with the “ym” just adding the sense of “oneself”, i.e. check oneself in, or register oneself.
(It’s actually given under the headword “register”, which is what we used to do in hotels before we learned to “check-in”. :wink: ).

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