How to say 'See You Later'

Is “See You Later” “(fe’i) gwelaf yn nes ymlaen”, or " Gwelaf chi’n fuan" or “Gwelaf chi cyn bo hir” or “Gwelaf chi wedyn” or even 'Gwelaf chi’n ddiweddarach"? How do we say it in Gogledd?

Personally, I tend to use “wela’i chi/ti wedyn” - although that may just be a bad habit I’ve got into, since Geiriadur Yr Academi gives the following alternatives:

wela’ i di/chi eto!
tan y tro nesa’!
hwyl am y tro!
South: wela’ i di/chi maes o law!
North: (Jocular): ta-ta tan toc!


I say, though not sure if anyone else does:

Wela’ i ti’n fuan

Which could also be “Wela’ i chdi…”


On “Rownd a Rownd”, it tends to be “wela i di” or “wela i chi” with an optional “wedyn”.


Many come out of my mouth, although more often than not one of the following:

Welai di wedyn.
Welai di yn fuan.
Nes ymlaen!

I’d rank those in terms of how often I use them…wedyn being my first choice.


Or wela i chdi (wedyn) (perhaps more so than wela i ti).


That doesn’t sound right at all somehow.

Personally I tend to go for wela’i di wedyn with individuals and tan y tro nesa’ with groups, though the distinction has only really just occurred to me while typing this out!


Curious - a friend and I have the habit of signing off our chats with “tan tro nesa” - which I take to be “until next time.” I this thread I’m seeing that as “tan y tro nesa” - “until the next time.” Would our version be considered wrong or just different?

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Interesting. Well, you could consider your version to mean more like “until another time”, and the other version to mean “until the next time”. But I await more expert opinions! :slight_smile:

Nope, it’s fine - much more common… :slight_smile:

Even though I would write it as tan y tro nesa, in speech the y is kind of swallowed, so even though I feel like I’m saying it, it’s probably not audible.