How To Halt Decline In Welsh

Daniel Glyn gives as a little bit of history…


Love his attitude! :slight_smile:

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A very serious and funny take on the welsh language in Wales. I assume the taxi driver would not complain if his passengers spoke Urdu. I’m shocked!

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He’s not speaking about that particular taxi-driver but occasionally you do come across people with certain attidudes.
I remember at one Bootcamp, a belligerent gentleman blasted, Catrin and the entire group for speaking Welsh…I stood and gawped I couldn’t believe how ignorant he was. Catrin, told me that this hadn’t been uncommon in her life.

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With respect, I don’t think that you can assume that.


Love it!! You know, banning the language might work at that!!!

With respect to the taxi driver, if it was Urdu, how could he know you spoke anything else? Did he think you planned to rob him?
from Jackie