How the people of Wales became Welsh

I’ve just published a great piece by a Cambridge university academic: “How the people of Wales became Welsh”.

What books/articles about Wales’s history and Welsh cultural identity have people enjoyed reading?

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Well, the classic is “Hanes Cymru” by John Davies. The nice thing is that there is an English version as well. I’m not sure if it’s a literal translation, but I think it is pretty close.

I have to admit that I’ve only read parts of it so far.

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“Hanes Cymru” by John Davies

I’ve read and enjoyed the English version (and some other authors’) and would endorse this.

Diolch yn fawr. However, I admit…
Firstly, I was far too impatient to persevere in Cymraeg, so read it in English.
Secondly, I adored it so much because every single point made fits with my own theories, reading etc…
History is my hobby and has been since I found an old school history book of my Dad’s when I was about 6 and read it! I know one should keep an open mind and I feel very guilty at devouring opinions with which I agree with quite so much delight and satisfaction!

Yeh, I read John Davies’ History of Wales when I was younger, and have bought Hanes Cymru, but not been brave enough quite yet to start it!

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I know my limitations! I have had the English version for years and have never been tempted to buy it in Welsh!