How not to use your Welsh in practice sentences

I like to incorporate as much of my Welsh vocabulary as possible in my practice sentences. But this isn’t what I had in mind:

Wnaeth hi bwrw glaw bore ddoe. Wnaeth yr haul disgleirio nes 'mlaen. Wnes i moyn mynd am dro. Wnes i agor a drws. Wnaeth y staer wlyb. Wnes i gwmpo lawr y staer. Dw i’n iawn ond mae corff i’n rhoi dolur.

True story. I’m sure the Welsh is full of errors, and I admit I had to look up some words in my dictionary, especially the last sentence (which is supposed to have a nasal mutation on corff, but I haven’t learned that yet). But hopefully it makes some kind of sense.

I have always been amused that “cwmpo lawr y staer” was one of the phrases we learned in Course 1. I thought it was perhaps a bit silly to learn that when there is so much other (perhaps more useful in a daily context) vocabulary to learn. Moral of the story: NEVER doubt the wisdom of Aran’s course material :blush:

On the plus side, I’m home from work today, can’t do a whole lot of activity, and so have lots of time to spend dysgu Cymraeg :slight_smile:

(As always, corrections to my Welsh are welcomed and desired.)


Yes it’s surprising how often I’ve had to park my elephant on someone’s drive. Mind you that’s usually ar ol i mi dychwelyd o’r pyb/dafarn.


:slight_smile: :elephant: :beer:

Now I am starting to worry about encountering dogs attacking monkeys… :slight_smile:


Ouch! Brysia wella! :sunny:

[And you might want to switch ‘wnaeth y staer wlyb’ to ‘roedd y staer yn wlyb’ - but don’t worry about it, you’ll get the hang naturally without needing to fret about ‘it happened in one moment’ vs ‘it was happening for some time’…!]

@aran Diolch yn fawr iawn for the good wishes…much appreciated!

Thank you for the input/correction. I haven’t yet learned the tense with “roedd” (I’m on Course 1 Gwers 22) - I look forward to learning how the subtleties of past tenses work! :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if I needed “yn” before “wlyb”. I thought I would need it for an adverb but maybe not for an adjective. Writing my story was a bit of a reach at this point, but it was fun to try!

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And hugely valuable, on the ‘jump in’ basis :star: :star2: :thumbsup:

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That will come early in Course 2. But we just use ‘oedd’ in the Southern Course.

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@AnnaC YOU ARE A STAR! With only beginning you have done superb things already! I admire you!

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@tatjana Diolch yn fawr for your very kind words. I don’t think I deserve admiration, though - I had a lot of help from my dictionary :blush:

(I have just returned from seeing the doctor and she says my bruises are “impressive” :confounded: )

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And I with whatever comes to my hand … but Google Transkate is mostly my “friend”. :slight_smile: I still think you do superb job.

Just that you’re otherwise OK.

Ro’n i wedi clywed am SSIW cyn i fi torri fy ngoes (nasal mutation there) ond dechreuais i’w ddefnyddio fe ar ol!

I had heard of SSIW before I broke my leg but I started to use it afterwards!


@tatjana I haven’t tried Google Translate for Welsh (yet!) Thank you, I am fairly uncomfortable but nothing is broken. It could have been much worse.

@margaretnock SSiW - a great thing to do while recuperating! We could start an ad campaign…no, never mind :smile: Hope your leg is now as good as new!

Well, Google translate can be quite clumsy in translation but it’s good for proofreading. I usually use words I’ve learnt through the course but am not keen to write them down very often and Google Translate comes quite handy in this matter. Then it helps me a bit with sentence structure and so I go socializing on twitter, Clecs, FB and what’s more to it and that’s how I basically have written my first ever blog post yn Cymraeg. (Yah, I know here should be nasal mutation but I just can’t cope with them).

@AnnaC Glad to hear you aren’t seriously hurt. Now, repeat after me…

Fydda i ddim yn cwmpo lawr y staer eto.


And after me:

Bydda i yn hedfan ar adenydd y Gymraeg! :slight_smile:


@craigf Diolch, that’s very kind.

Fydda i ddim yn cwmpo lawr y start eto.
Fydda i ddim yn cwmpo lawr y start eto.
Fydda i ddim yn cwmpo lawr y start eto…

@tatjana Too bad I didn’t have wings to fly when I was at the top of the stairs. That dragon is fantastic!