How much AutoMagic

I’ve just done 2 hours of AutoMagic. How much more is currently available

It depends which setting you have it on, i.e. whether you’re having fewer or more repetitions of the practice sentences, but I’ll see if I can get a general answer for you :slight_smile:

Hi Deborah.

I have been using the “Fire Rocket Dragon” setting.


One person I was talking to yesterday who is using the Fire Rocket Dragon setting said that he’s reached 28 hours and is still getting new material presented.

Wow! I’ll keep plugging on then. I’ll let you mow how many hours I get


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Hi Is the southern welsh still under construction. I don’t seem to get passed the first minute.

Thank you

It should have at least as much as the northern course, as far as I know. What happens if you just let it run, @DianeO? Does it freeze at 1 minute in? Or are you just hearing the same material over and over? What setting do you have the Feeling gauge set to?

Hi Deborah

It freezes at one minute in…I can’t get beyond Dw i’n moyn!
I have it on Amazing so I would have hoped I could do more than that. Just tried it again and the same thing has happened.



I’ll flag this up to our Tech Developer and see if he can shed any light on what’s happening

Could you explain a little more about what happens when it “freezes”? Do you mean that the whole app just stops working? Or do you see a timer going round and no progress?

When you try to start it up again, does it continue a little from where you were, then stop working? Or does it set you back to where you were the time before?

Are you using the video feature? If yes, you should turn that setting off for now, as video is a highly experimental feature that may cause problems. (If you’re not using video, we’ll have to wait and see what else tech support can do to help your issue)

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One person has suggested that refreshing the screen usually fixes it if that happens.

Hi Both

I can confirm that this happens with the video feature and without.
Deborah, information for your Tech guy:

  1. I have tried with chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge
  2. I have cleared the cookies and history from my laptop.

Guessing that no-one else is getting this problem on the southern version?

Kind Regards


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I occasionally experience ‘screen freeze’. It last for about a minute then goes back to normal. as suggested by others I will refresh the app when this happens.

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I’m brand new to it but South working fine for me this morning (safari and iPhone).

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I’ve had a look at your “learner record” (where your progress is stashed) and there was a field missing… I haven’t seen that before, so I’ll have a look into how that happened.

In the meantime, I’ve adjusted the app so that it is able to proceed even when that field is missing. Give it another go. It should start from “I want” but should continue onwards after that. Just shout if that didn’t do the trick!

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Hi Lewie

That seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much.

Kind Regards


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I’ve done nearly 25 hours but there’s no new content yet.

Hi Rob, In terms of Challenges what do you think you’ve got to in your 25 hours?

I believe it to be only the content you would get in the old challenge 1.