How much AutoMagic

Rob - I assume you mean that the only content currently available on AutoMagic is all 25 of the challenges from Level1 of the new course?

I can’t say for sure but I believe that to be so. Seemd to be a long wait for any further content.

Thanks Rob. I’m enjoying the chance to go back to many of the basics. I’ve only done 3 hours buy I’ll keep plodding on.

Hi I’m wondering the same thing. I’ve done 37 hours of automagic now and at first it was adding new words and phrases every session but i haven’t learned anything new for a while now. At first I thought maybe they’re just doing a refresher and then will progress again but it doesn’t seem to be progressing. Have I reached the end? Will they be adding new material and if so when? I don’t really want to pay for a learning course that isn’t advancing my learning so I may have to pause my subscription for the time being but if anyone could give me an indication of when it will start progressing again that would be very much appreciated :+1:

Yes, it sounds like you’ve reached the end of what’s currently available on automagic, but further material is still available on the standard method.
You might find posts in this thread explain more SSIW - Automagic

I know the Tech Team are currently working on getting more recording prepared and loaded into AutoMagic, so it’s not far off, but I can’t give you an exact date as yet. In the meantime, as Siaron says, if you go to the main website - SaySomethingin - and click on ‘Learn’ up at the top, you’ll see the alternative learning methods.

Ok, thank you guys. I hope it’s not too far off, I really feel like I’ve benefited enormously from the automagic format with it’s flexibility I think it’s an amazing learning tool, just bummed I can’t continue with it for now

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