How can't I? Fedra'i ddim v Dwi ddim yn medru

In old course 1 I learn that “I can not” is “Dwi ddim yn medru/gallu” (north/south). In Level 1 we are taught that it is “Fedra’i/Alla’i ddim”.

Are these two forms equivalent in modern spoken Cymraeg? If not, what’s the difference?



They do mean the same, but in addition the alla i ddim / fedra i ddim form has a future sense as well.

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Diolch! Thanks for the help.

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Ahh diolch! I came here with the same question, and also “wnes i” vs “on i”? I’ll investigate that one.

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Don’t forget “dw i’n methu…” i’m unable to…

I think anyway

Hi Kersincable . Wnes i means I did or for example “nes i chwarae” would mean I played and on i means I was for example “on i’n chwarae” would mean I was playing :slight_smile:

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