HOORAY or HELP: Progress Reports and Encouragement

I believe the old forums had a sub-topic or thread dedicated to reporting on your progress with learning Welsh and/or requesting encouragement, so I thought I’d start one here as well. Feel free to use this thread to post your successes…big or bigger, because there are no small successes when learning something new…or ask for encouragement when needed.

(I did search before creating this post, but if I’ve duplicated another, please feel free to let me know)


Since I created this post I’ll get it started.

I had my first ‘infer meaning of word from context’ moment yesterday when listening to a podcast episode I’ve been translating for forever. The host asked the question 'Faint effeithiol ydy carchar?’ and the response was ‘pe dibynnu beth sy’n digwydd yn carchar’.

I’d never heard dibynnu before, but I knew (or strongly suspected) it meant depends. I was excited to be correct…because of the in-context learning thing…but more excited that I’d learned the word for depends…I’d needed that one for a while


Da iawn. I had to look up dibynnu this morning, and then felt annoyed as I thought I should have known it already. But definitely had to look up effeithiol. :slight_smile:

BTW, in case you aren’t aware of it, and for anyone else who isn’t, I’m really enjoying using the http://www.gweiadur.com online dictionary.

It has several good points. It can handle mutated forms of words, and conjugated verb forms. It has sound samples for many words. And one of the handiest things about it is, for every word you look up, there will be one or more example sentences, and, if you don’t know a word in an example sentence you can just double click on it (it doesn’t need to be showing up as a link), and it will look it up for you. Of course, if one is a dictionary bug, one can get into endless loops of looking up words, just like in a paper dictionary, but faster; but that’s a good, not a bad thing, in my view. :slight_smile:

The only disadvantage it has is that you have to be registered and logged in to use it, but that’s not really that big a problem.


This is a fantastic resource…thanks for sharing!

Man…if this were an app…

It isn’t, I’ve checked immediately. :slight_smile: This is the first thing I do when I get new resources on the net BTW … :slight_smile:

Well, but since this is BETA release, you never know.

I’m still using those old-fashioned things called “computers”! (desktop even…). :smile:
(and feeling more and more like Fred Flintstone each day…"Hey Wilma, what’s an app!? ) :slight_smile:

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Hey “Fred”, “Wilma” here!
An app is this thingy you download to your phone - let it be iphone or Android (oh, and even Windows one) and acts somehow like SSi application does. :slight_smile: But yah, your phone has to be smart one. :sunglasses:

(Hope you won’t hold grudges for a little joke. :slight_smile: (as I know very well that you know what the app is))

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New to me, first impression is that it is da iawn. Diolch i ti Mike.

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Thanks for the dictionary; I’ve really missed the BBC dictionary and this one is looking good. BTW I assume that ‘application program’ is too long to display on the little screens of portable devices.

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Don’t think so. Everything can be sorted out by my opinion…

Yes, but some of us don’t have the sort of phone that can run them!! Especially if we live in what are cheerfully referred to as ‘not spots’, where in this century, in this so-called advanced country (UK), there is no decent mobile phone signal!!! Roll on Scottish Independence, I suspect we might get improvements then!!

But then you’d have to pay international rates to phone Sassenachs (and vice-versa). :smiling_imp:

They could probably fit “Application Program(me)” on the little screens of mobile devices, but it would have to be in such tiny letters, that only the teenagers who design these things could read them… :slight_smile:

Sorry! Didn’t think of that! But… didn’t the EU do something about keeping those rates down?? Of course if England leaves the EU, everyone else will pay more to phone them!!!

Dream on! I believe we still have the most expensive rates of all Europe (I mean Slovenia) and data transfer is even more expensive…

I must prevail upon myself to curtail my attempts at humour!

Eh, no. Why really? :slight_smile: