Here's a thought, my friends

Let’s not go there. Despite the very real, strong, possibly difficult feelings, let’s not go there, let’s not give the American Presidential Election air time on our forum.

I’ve got a better idea.

Please share with us today one from each of the following topics, a bit like the Friday Five thread we used to do regularly on here…

  • One joyful memory
  • One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to.
  • One good deed first this week. - sorry that should be for not ‘first’ :blush:
  • One person you greatly love / admire and why.
  • What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000

Enjoy! :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


Admire - Gwynfor Evans - Plaid and S4C.

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I’m looking forward to coming back to Cymru next year and reconnecting with the friends I made the first time around…and hopefully making a bunch of new ones too. :slight_smile:


Good thinking… :slight_smile: :heart:

One joyful memory

I remember the first time I got to the end of a Bootcamp and said ‘You’re allowed to start speaking English again now’ and nobody wanted to… :slight_smile:

One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to.

The SSiW 8th birthday party!

One good deed first this week.

Don’t know about ‘first’, but I did the washing up in a cold kitchen after being woken by the dogs at about a quarter-to-early the other day…

One person you greatly love / admire and why.

You, Catrin. Because however much the world bruises you, however deeply you feel the pain and fear of others, you keep looking for and modelling the good we need. :heart:

What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000

I’d probably put it all into the SSiW Kiva team: (which has now loaned over $10,000!).


My joyful memory - Tresaith 23rd July - 30th July
My calendar event (not this year) marrying fy nghariad
Good deed - I am currently at a Bobath training event at a special school. Those therapists are incredible and do amazing things for their kids. Not a single event, just their whole careers.
£10,000 - find a Cylch Meithrin and help fund their equipment. (Possibly spread to more than one).


Person I love and admire - Emma Gowman. She has been the rock in my life and helped me be a better person.


Just a couple of not very serious ones:

  • There are lots of people I admire, and hard to pick out one, but just because he happens to have a birthday this week and was featured in the Guardian, I’ll mention Roy (The Move, ELO, Wizzard) Wood:

By appearance, he seems to be in that great tradition of British eccentrics, but (although I haven’t met him), by various independent accounts, in “real life”, he seems to be an unassuming, relatively quiet bloke, and (once past the shyness), genuinely likeable and unspoiled by success.

(Though I wouldn’t agree with the description “lost”, or even “Glam Rocker” really).

  • Looking forward to my weekly Nordic Walk tomorrow with a group of equally nutty (but nice) fellow “seniors” (mostly), trying to avoid being deafened by the sound of each other’s creaking joints. We only go about 3 miles, but it’s at a fair old lick. Just hope it’s not too oer.

Thank you Catrin! I’m looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend as we take a short holiday by the coast. The weather should be lovely, and it will be a good time to unplug, play some games, read, and relax!


Meeting my husband in Rome after he had walked there from Canterbury and been away from home for about 2 months. Feeling ribs for the first time in many years!

Planning and executing a 9 month trip to Asia next year.

Skyping to @Novem, talking to @Howard. Not a good deed, just really enjoyable.

Sharon Astyk. An American Jewish Farmer. A great environmentalist, which is how I first came across her. With her husband and four sons she has been fostering children for several years and recently adopted a son and a family group of 5 siblings. Her oldest (bio) son has fairly severe autism.

£10,000? Our local Syria Sir Gar group could use it to help welcome Syrian refugees to the area. Football kit or dance clothes for children. A shoe rack. A push chair.


Diolch am y cyfle, @CatrinLliarJones Syniad ardderchog. :high_brightness:

*One joyful memory
The birth of my children (three not one)
*One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to.
A family houseful eating the Christmas dinner I cook them
*One good deed first this week.
I’ve still got three days to work on this :laughing:
*One person you greatly love / admire and why.
Maureen Jones who has enriched my life for 38 years.
*What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000
Donate towards the better understanding of mental Illness.


Visit to Cymru ac siarad Cymraeg …

Not sure. I believe apart from being with my two best men - husband and son - the most amount of time I possibly can be, probably the Boxing day sgwrs with dear July 2016 co-bootcampers via Skype it is.

Donation to …

All good people of this world but the most my husband and son simply because they’re so patient with me.

My JackPot is already divided into parts and one is planed for SSiW. I just have to win it yet. :slight_smile: (Well, I’m actually dead sirious with this). 8 parts go to my co-workers who some of them have lost their job just recently and are all hendycaped persons, my husband and son get each a share too, our house which is 36 years old needs a bit of restauration … I have one or two more “crazy” ideas on my mind which include the language I learn and love and people I admire …


One joyful memory

First solo flight

One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to.

YES Cymru rally in Swansea in a few weeks,.

One good deed first this week

We should be made to answer this every week!

Um. I’m in the throes of organising a Scout outing, can I count that?

One person you greatly love / admire and why.

Anyone finding hope and talking sense in the current state of play!

What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000

Save it until local charities needed something then buy them it, spread it out as much as possible on practical, needed things.


I’m all for sharing happiness and gratitude instead of potentially difficult discussion! Diolch, @CatrinLliarJones :slight_smile:

Help the people in Haiti who have been devastated by the earthquake and hurricane


One joyful memory
Apart from wife and children stuff I would say gigging in Germany with my band, what an amazing experience.

One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to.
Honestly, the SSiParty. There are going to be some people there I haven’t seen for a while, can’t wait.

One good deed first this week.
Not a first and not really a good deed but doing a ridiculous amount of hours in work because nobody else can. :cry:

One person you greatly love / admire and why.
Obvious but my wife, I would be nothing without her.

What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000?
UNICEF. My son and I have been watching “the long way round” and you get a small glimpse of what this charity does, it literally brings tears to my eyes seeing what some people have to put up with.


I really enjoyed reading this post. Diolch am rannu, bawb!


? UNICEF? or there really is organization called Unisef. Don’t get me wrong, I’m asking because I’ve circled thought the net trying to find it but only UNICEF comes to the view.

Now, I could be (maybe) ashamed, but what’s the name of your band? I bet you play great music!

  • One joyful memory - handing Aran, for the very first time, a positive pregnancy test early in 2008, after having lost all hope.

  • One event from your calendar that you’re looking forward to. - celebrating Beuno’s 6th birthday this week, 11/11/2016. Our little man had a traumatic entrance in to the world, during which he nearly lost his life. He then continued to have a difficult first 4 years. He was born with positional talipes and ENT issues, and continued to have ongoing illnesses, behavioural issues, sleeplessness and so on. The last few months have been tough for him - moving house/area/school and leaving behind cherished friends. Yet, on Tuesday, we went to his first parents’ evening, and wow! He seems to have truly flourished and has blossomed in to a capable, bright and intelligent boy who’s currently punching above his weight in the classroom. Writing stories usually expected from older pupils and reading above his age. So, sorry for the rant, but I feel that my boy deserves a special Star Wars birthday and I’m really looking forward to it.

  • One good deed for this week. - spending the day cleaning for my Mam today.

  • One person you greatly love / admire and why. - Aran, because of the odds and because he just keeps on fighting and believing and is always optimistic, in any weather.

  • What altruistic good would you choose to do with £10,000 - as Margaret, above, I would probably use it in some way to help unattended and displaced refugee children.

Diolch so much to everyone for sharing with us. :heart:


You are, of course, correct. I’ve edited my post. Thanks. :blush:[quote=“tatjana, post:16, topic:6404”]
Now, I could be (maybe) ashamed, but what’s the name of your band?
[/quote] The band is no more. The good old days.

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Ahh, you surely have some recordings somewhere on YouTube (or not?) :slight_smile:

Croeso. :slight_smile:

As much as I can see you through your activity on here and on social media (I regret we couldn’t have more time to chat on Eisteddfod (you were too busy with people you know already and probably missed them so I didn’t want to disturb)), you undoubtly have just the same qualities too otherwise you wouldn’t be able to go through all things life has beaten you with. You are a great family to me which is worth to meet and know (if only briefly). Thank you.