Heno Gwennan Gibbard

Gwennan Gibbard was on Heno on Tuesday night. She sang a Welsh carol called “Gantwyd Crist”, The carol is really lovely and very simple. I have tried to pick out the words of the carol but it is i harder than I expected. The chorus is simple but I can’t quite pick out all of the words.

Here is is my very basic version of the words with lots of gaps and mistakes! Help please!

Beth yw canu ar y awel
beth yw ??? yn yr ???
beth yw teithio ??? ar y stabl

Pam mae seren yn yr gofod
Pam mae ofn ar wyneb Herod
Pam mae ??? ar baban ???

Sut mae cariad yn datblygu
Sut mae calon yn ???
Sut mae malais yn diflannu

Pwy yw gobaith ???
Pwy yw meddyg y ???
Pwy yw tangnedd y ???

The program can be viewed at http://www.s4c.co.uk/clic/c_level2.shtml?programme_id=519010848

The carol starts at 20.37

This is my take on it. I won’t bother putting stuff I’m not sure of in italics or in brackets, or it would all be in italics in brackets.

Beth yw’r canu ar yr awel,
Beth yw’r cynnwr fyny anwel,
Beth yw’r teithio tua stafal,

Haleliwia, Haleliwia,
Haleliwa, ganwyd Crist.

Pam mae seren yn y gofod,
Pam mae ofn ar wyneb Herod
Pam y bri ar faban ddinod,


Sut mae cariad yn datblygu,
Sut mae calon yn tyneru,
Sut mae malais yn diflanu,


Pwy yw gobaith y drylliedig,
Pwy yw meddyg y briwedig,
Pwy yw tangnedd yr {?annifyr? ?annifig? ?annifyrg? no idea…]


Nice song…
I see the Lleu brewery is featured in tonights show which is brewed in Pen-y-Groes: they brew a great beer.
Also a chance to win prizes with - Cracyr 'Dolig.

Good listening, both of you!

V1 L2 - Beth yw’r cynnwrf yn yr anwel
V4 L3 - Beth yw’r teithio tua’r stabal (which you got between you!)
V4 L4 Pwy yw tangnedd yr anniddyg

Anwel is a new word on me, meaning “the unseen”. Makes sense when the description “unseen” = anweledig, from gweld, to see, gweledig, see-ed = seeable, anweledig = unseeable. Bit of a stretch to anwel, but it’s in the GPC (Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru)

Tangnedd is also a new word on me, though “tangnefedd” is a common christmas-tide word, meaning peace / tranquility etc. Tangnedd is also in the GPC, though it’s entry is just “gweler tangnefedd”!

anniddig = unsettled, angry, discontented, from dig = angry, (dal dig is to bear a grudge), diddig or di-ddig, to be un angry, anniddig, to be un-un-angry…

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Brilliant! :smiley:

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So Welsh does triple negatives! Cwl!

Diolch Owain a Iestyn!

I guess so, and more…

Doedd e byth yn anniddig.

He wasn’t never un-un-angry…

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