Helpful video - Get up to speed with 'Rownd a Rownd'

Are you learning northern Welsh*? Would you like a regular soap opera to watch, but don’t know who the heck everyone is? Here’s a helpful video from the producers of Rownd a Rownd (set on Ynys Môn) giving a precis of the stories from the last six months, so that you know who’s who and what’s been going on:

Both English and Welsh subtitles available via the S4C Clic Player.

*Also useful for those who have been learning southern Welsh but would like to get their heads around some of the differences, perhaps?


I don’t know,whether I’m cut out for such passionate goings on, despite my wild-ish life as a teenager in the '50s and 60s. I must have led a sheltered wild life. It looks as if I’ll have to give it a go, seeing that I’m after northern authenticity.

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