Pobol y cwm old eps

Recently I discovered Pobol y cwm and decided that to help me understand it better I wanted to learn Welsh alongside it. There are some storylines that I just find difficult to full on understand without previous context from last year/months prior and bbc iplayer only has around a months worth of episodes at a time, meaning that I can’t really watch back.
I was wondering if there was a way of being able to find older episodes from like the past year atleast, maybe longer to help me understand it but also to broaden my understanding of Welsh eventually. Ive searched over the internet and have found nothing so I just wanted to know whether or not you can find older episodes or not. If not, then I’ll try and figure something out but if there is, on any sort of website or something could you please let me know.


@sara-peacock-1 do you know if there is anything to help here?

I’m afraid not! I’ve been trying to persuade them to put storyline information up on their website…

There will be lots of extra stuff to come on S4C over the next few months, because the series will have its 50th birthday in the autumn - but it won’t be anything systematic.

If you’re on Facebook, there’s a very popular group there “Fans of Pobol y Cwm” - I bet if you asked on there (e.g. “Why is there so much bad feeling between Jason and Jinx?”) you’d get a really useful response.

There is a chap who has posted a brief episode guide going back years, I will look it up and post the link when I get time

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‘Co ti; Cwmderi Diary 2020

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