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Christmas came early this year I treated myself to a welsh grammar workbook and a good welsh dictionary which have made me the happiest girl on earth and I found Ap Geiriaduron and I’ve had gutonuthbran and dinas Emrys apps which are helpful. I recently joined tandem and I searched for welsh learners and didn’t find any I don’t know why and I got this nice penpal app which is useful for language learners it’s called slowly it’s set to actual mail time and you write letters in the preferred language to a penpal. Oh and mate translater is really god with welsh


I just found out about a project (from a person who was involved in its creation with whom I had a very interesting conversation) called “Clic Clic Cymraeg”.
It’s quite basic, but for me any tools to consolidate some vocabulary is still very useful - as long as there is a voice pronouncing it correctly - as in this case.

(click on [Dewislen / Menu] to see the content, it took me a while to find it!)

or just the videos on YouTube:

Then not sure it can be useful to anyone here right now, but I found this e-book called “Learn to speak Italian for Welsh Speakers” that’s quite useful the other way round too, to build some vocabulary.
It’s very cheap - imagine an excel file, with a few thousands words and sentences; and definitely not accurate several Italians sentences are wrong and hilarious- so don’t learn Italian with it! - but it’s the only one I found so far, divided according to topics so…I guess it’s ok, as long as I double check things and don’t take it too seriously!


I’ve recently been pointed in the direction of an app called Anki ( AnkiDroid) and their associated website AnkiWeb. It’s a app that produces flash cards. I’ve downloaded the Welsh vocal Prifysgol Bangor set of flash cards and am trying to use them to increase (cynyddu) my vocabulary. Hopefully it may be useful to others too.


Day 18: quick chat with @vikta before heading out to choir practice/ Christmas food. There’s a few Welsh speakers in the choir so I will chat with them over our ‘bring your own’ feast.


Has anyone else discovered these? I found the TV programmes too advanced for me, but they may be useful for others. ‘Yr Wythnos’, a news programme, is at 12 midday on Sundays with ‘Dan Do’ at 12.30.


I heard about Yr Wythnos from someone on a Hangout last night. Here’s the link to watch last Sunday’s episode on Clic

I’ve just had a brief look and they make an effort to speak clearly and occasional vocabulary is displayed as they speak. A good way to expand your vocabulary to talk about current affairs.

Dan Do travels around Wales looking at different types of housing and lifestyles.


Yr Wythnos seems only available in the UK.

Among those also for International audience I just found:

  • Dal Ati (a selection of programmes for Welsh learners)
  • Dal Ati: Bore Da(a selection from Heno or Prynhawn Da).

What makes them more interesting for me, and learners I guess, is that they all have subtitles in English and Welsh.
Cause well I usually try to listen to them without subtitles first, but right now I can only understand a few sentences here and there (it used to be just words, so I’m already very satisfied!!!)
In any case I find watching the subtitles really useful to learn new expressions!


Thanks for the link Dee

Thank you - the Welsh subtitles are really useful!

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I downloaded the Ankidroid flashcards app from Google Play (it’s free).