Help with I wanted

Hi When I learnt a little Welsh in Aberystwyth I m sure I learnt Roeddwn I eisiau for I wanted this yet its not on this course so when I came to week 6 to test myself I drew a blank what version is used please on here Im completely stuck on:
'I wanted."

Roeddwn i eisiau is fine, but you’ll also hear people shorten the roeddwn bit to ro’n (ro’n i eisiau), and sometimes people will also shorten it again to o’n (o’n i eisiau). They’re all correct just the shortened versions are more colloquial than the full version. Eisiau (also spelt isio, colloquially) is the Northern ‘want’.

If you are doing the Southern course or come across Southern speakers, you’ll hear moyn instead of eisiau, as that is more common down there. But the shortenings still happen to roeddwn - ro’n i’n moyn & o’n i’n moyn are still ok.

You can use whichever version you’re comfortable with :slight_smile:


Thankyou that’s a great explanation. I didn’t know Aberystwyth Welsh was North so o’n i’n moyn I will use as is more local and used on the course Diolch yn Fawr.

Aberystwyth is a mixture of both North and South - it all depends which tutor you get! (I did Welsh in Aberystwyth Uni :wink: )

bendigedig ! Dwy’n Hoffi Aberystwyth .

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