HELP! The dragons have stopped dancing!

I have been using the links in the Dancing Dragons thread for ages to say ‘thanks’ or ‘llongyfarchiadau’ etc and this morning the dragons won’t dance! Diolch holds his banner, but is still! Llongyfarchiadau is just a sad still little figure with a pointed hat! Please @Kinetic, @aran, @Iestyn, @tatjana and the lovely lady who invented the dancing dragons, whose name, I am so sorry, I have forgotten… can anyone get the dragons to dance again???

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This one appears to work:

I don’t have the names/urls of the other ones to try, at the moment.

Oh, here we are:


(However, maybe those are the links you were using?)

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Those were the ones I have been using for ages. What are you using? They clearly work!! Do I just copy one? Let’s see - No, I can’t copy the image or the link. Sorry, more help!!
Oh try

I got him off the link you posted, which seems to be the one I always used!! I wonder what suddenly went wrong!!
Diolch yn fawr for sending me my lovely dragons back!

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I didn’t do anything really, but like you, I’m very glad they are back!

Help! The dragons are not dancing! I tried to send one to Claudia and it did not work! They are not even appearing! Is it @Kinetic who can help? Or??? I have just checked on my iPad and the dragons are fine on there, It is only on my laptop they have stopped working! Any idea anyone?

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@rhywun they have stopped existing on my iPad too now! @Kinetic?