Helo pawb!

Helo. neis dy weld di. Dwi’n dod o manceinion ac newydd ddechrau dysgu cymraeg - dwi’n wedi bod gwarando i SSiw mp3’s am chewch mis during my commute (how do I say that?). Dwi’n deud ‘newydd ddechrau’ ond wedi bod gwarando cerddoriaeth cymru amser hir. Dwi’n dysgu Spaneg hefyd ond Cymraeg yw mwy bwysig i mi achos cymru yn agos i fanceinion felly dwi’n cael mwy gylfe deddnyddio hi’n na baswn i Spaneg. Does that make sense? (wnes gwneud synnwyr???)

Edrych mlaen i dysgu ar y forum!


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Mae’n braf i dy weld di yma! Well done with your Welsh for 6 months. Just a friendly nod to the forum rules. We try and keep everything in English so as not to exclude anyone :slight_smile: there is a post called “Be’ dach chi’n neud rŵan” Where you can practice your written Welsh.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hi Anthony. Thanks for the nod. Could you make much sense of what I wrote?

Helo Martan. Croeso
I could easily understand your Welsh. Llongyfarchiadau (congratulations).
Please, don’t hesitate to come to the forum if you have any questions to ask or breakthroughs to share with us.


Hi Martan, and a warm welcome to the forum - congratulations, you’ve clearly done enormously well so far… :slight_smile:


I could! It all makes sense :slight_smile: Paid â phoeni (don’t worry) about being perfect, making sense is the key :slight_smile:

Da iawn ti :smile:

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and I don’t know if there’s a word for commute… “teithio i’r gwaith” I rather like the sound of the rhyming “taith gwaith” but not sure if it works!

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Helo Martan , Croeso! My very untrustworthy geiriadur app gives cymudo for commute, but I can’t vouch for it! Anyone else know?

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The Ap Geriaduron (dictionary app done by Bangor University), which I usually find very reliable agrees with you @henddraig. I did wonder whether it meant “commute” as in “the judge commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment”, but it says a commuter is a “cymudwr”, so it does mean commute/travel to work.

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Note that “cymudo” is a verb-noun, so the simplest (not quite literal) way of rendering this would be
“…pan dw i’n cymudo”.

Thank you Aran. I can’t thank you enough for your excellent course, the more I listen the more thought I realise you’ve put into your recordings.

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Cheers Mike. I take it that verb-nouns necessitate some kinda extra context like you’ve done with ‘Pan’?

Brilliant. Thanks Margaret. I’ve not come across that app!

That’s very kind of you, Martan - diolch yn fawr :slight_smile:

I prefer the Ap Geriaduron ap to the dictionary most of the time. Not only is it smaller to carry, it seems to give a wider range of examples of usage and you get the instant links from English to Welsh instead of having to flip through a book. You don’t need to be online to use it either, with is bonus as a phone signal can’t always be guaranteed where I live.