Helo a Shwmae!

Bore da! Dwi newydd ddechrau dysgu siarad Cymraeg eto a dwi’n joio ymarfer hi mwy nawr than before. Dwi ddim yn gwbod sut i ddweud “than before” yn Gymraeg eto. :slight_smile: Dwi’n meddwl bo’ fi’n mynd i drio dysgu eto after nes i ddim ymarfer siarad Cymraeg am ddau flwyddyn, achos dwi’n e hoffi fe a dwi ddim yn gwbod pam dwi di’ stopo trio i ddysgu anyway. So…

Helo eto!

  • Sarah

Da iawn, @Sarah_25. llongyfarchiadau! There is a thread on here especially for people learning to write in Welsh.
Be’ 'dach chi’n gwneud rwan?
is easiest to search for, but when i have more time, if you haven’t found it, I’ll send a link here. Croeso to the Forum. @aran likes us to post mainly in English so everyone understands and nobody is frightened away by a lot of Welsh!


Just took a look through that thread and don’t understand hardly any of it, ha! Will have to dig out my Welsh-English dictionary and peruse through it later. :slight_smile: I do usually write in English on here, or did the last time I visited… I’m just excited to be starting again and getting back to learning Welsh!


mwy nawr na ghynt??

mwy nawr nag o’r blaen??

It is great to see Margaret answering queries in Welsh from… wherever in the Far East you have reached now, @margaretnock!!! :wink:

Arrived in Japan on Monday, going to Tokyo tomorrow. Possible problems getting there as there has been a major fire near a major station in Tokyo which set a bullet train alight. Guess how we’re getting to Tokyo? Mother flies home next Monday, I’ll be here for up to 2 months after that depending on how my back and knees hold out, walking around Shikoku island. Hence the learning of a little Japanese. Sorry @Sarah_25 for hijacking your thread.


my fault, Sarah! mae ddrwg gen i!

Croeso nol, Sarah - welcome back!

‘nag o’r blaen’, in most cases… :slight_smile:

And it looks as though you’ve remembered a huge amount, so straight back in to the deep end for you… :star: :star2:

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Oh the irony… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: