Hello from another newcomer to Welsh

Hi all - I’ve started the SSIW Level 1 a week ago and I wanted to say that I can’t believe how quickly I am picking things up and - most importantly - actually remembering them! It really is an instinctive way to learn - I find myself wandering round thinking the phrases from the lessons (on lesson 4 now) almost without realising it. This is from someone who was useless at languages at school, and with a pretty terrible memory. So thank you so much, this is an interesting and exciting and most of all a fun experience so far!

I looked around to see if there was a ‘hi I’m a newcomer’ thread, but couldn’t see one - if there is but i missed it, or I’ve posted in the wrong place, please let me know!!

Thank you and happy learning :smile:


Croeso i’r fforwm Samantha! Yes, you will find many affirmations here about what a great and effective tool SSIW is for learning Welsh. Lots of friendly folks and helpful information here too. Welcome and glad to have you join us all!


Croeso, Samantha! We are a friendly bunch here - let us know how you progress and don’t ever hesitate to ask if you have any questions! :slight_smile:


Croeso Samantha, yes I am a relative beginner too joining in June, and I also am loving the course and like you am amazed at my progress given that I struggled to learn a minimal amount of French at school!


Yours will probably become the thread used by new folk!!
Croeso from, I think, the oldest crone on the Forum, infamous for snap judgements and strong opinions! @aran frequently has to tell me off (he does it very kindly and politely!). This is a wonderfully friendly Forum with really helpful people. I’m sure you will continue to progress, and when you hit a glitch, you’ll find a load of others have hit it and either climbed over it or worked around it or just ignored it, carried on and done just fine!!!


Thanks to all for making me feel so welcome :sunny:
I really like the ‘give it a shot, but if it doesn’t stick, do they worry you’ll get it eventually’ approach to learning, as it makes it so much more relaxing!
If I have any questions I now know where to come!


Our really helpful Tech expert from Slovenia, @tatjana currently visiting Cymru and at Bootcamp has shown me how to send you a link -
click here for useful help thread
Use the back arrow to return!

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Thanks @henddraig :slight_smile:

A very warm welcome to the forum, Samantha! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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…Talking of whom, I wonder how come she didn’t make it on to Radio Cymru this morning, along with Iestyn. I think RC missed a trick there! :slight_smile:

Yn wir iawn!!