Harry potter in welsh?

I know this is, like, really sad, but I love reading harry potter in every language I try to learn. Does it exist in welsh? If so, is it northern or southern? Does someone know? Am I way off base asking this question here? Sorry I’m new.


A quick search on Amazon shows that at least the first book has been translated to Welsh: “Harri Potter a Maen Yr Athronydd (Welsh) (Welsh Edition)“
ISBN-13: 978-1408871591

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Definitely the first exists, as said above. Don’t worry, more than welcome to ask these sort of questions :smile:

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OK. I didn’t see it on amazon.com. i’m in the US. thanks for telling me. is it north or south?

As far as i know only the first book: 'Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" has been translated into Welsh . I hav eit, but haven’t read it yet. Apparently it is quite hard going for learners. I dont know how it’s balanced between Northern and Southern dialects. Holyhead Harpies are the best quidditch team!

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I’ve read it, and enjoyed it a lot. I’ve not read any other Hari Potter books in other languages. It is in fairly standard written style, so not particularly north or south - except Hagrid, he’s definitely a Gog.

Oh, and welcome to the forum, Harrison!


It felt quite northern to me, or was it just difficult? I’ve heard it said it’s not a very good translation but who am I to judge?

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I had nothing to compare, and I enjoyed the story :slight_smile:

I knew the story already. The more clues we have to what’s going on the better. Hence why I’ve enjoyed the Roald Dahl stories, many of which have been translated. Pretty South I would say, but also my Welsh was a bit better by the time I started reading them.

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My style is more jumping in off the deep end. Can be tough initially, but for me it pays off in the end (if I’ve not drowned) :slight_smile:


I have it too, but haven’t read it yet. I started it when I got it, but it was too difficult. I really should try again now I have read some learner’s books.
I read an interview with the publishers, who said they had no intentions of translating any more of the HP books. They do seem to be doing all the Artemis Fowl ones. If I’m honest, I actually preferred Artemis to Harry Potter. I stopped HP after about book 5 because I didn’t like the direction it was taking. But I can’t tell you much about the translation of Artemis, because, again, I looked at the first few pages and understood very little, so it’s on the shelf for future reading!
Oh I nearly forgot - there are vocab lists for Harry Potter on Memrise. I did find them quite helpful for the three pages I managed to read. Maybe this summer I’ll have another look at it…

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What sort of books are these? I have not heard the name.

There are a whole lot of Lemony Snicket books in Welsh. They seem quite fun. However, they seem to be adaptations, not straight translations. A literalist like me would prefer straight translations.

At least one of them is a bit doubtful - the one I put up there. Very good for indispensable words like dynfarch - centaur

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I always find it hard to describe a book and do it justice. The Artemis Fowl series was aimed at the Harry Potter readers. It is set in a world where fairies live underground. The main character is a child genius who is trying to find his missing millionaire criminal father. He thinks he can do this by stealing fairy gold. It is so much better than it sounds!


Where do I get the welsh series of unfortunate events?




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Finally, I got around to reading Harri Potter, Maen yr Athronydd. It is quite hard going, a lot of unusual vocabulary and different forms as well as all the Wfftipwff’s. It does help knowing the story, but I had forgotten how much was left out of the first film.
It’s a shame really that only the first book as translated to Cymraeg.


Just in case it’s of any use to anyone, I’ve compiled a little list of popular children’s books by both Roald Dahl and David Walliams which have been translated in to Welsh, to make it easier when searching Google…

David Walliams

  • Peff - Fing

  • Yr Hipo Cyntaf ar y Lleuad - The First Hippo on the Moon

  • Y Biliwnydd Bach - Billionaire Boy

  • Cyfrinach Nana Crwca - Gangsta Granny

  • Plant Gwaetha’r Byd - The World’s Worst Children

  • Anti Afiach - Awful Auntie

  • Neidr yn yr Ysgol - There’s a Snake in my School

  • Deintydd Dieflig - Demon Dentist

  • Yr Eliffant Eithaf Digywilydd - The Slightly Annoying Elephant

  • Dihangfa Fawr Taid - Grandpa’s Great Escape

  • Mr Ffiaidd - Mr Stink

  • Rhyw Ddrwg yn y Caws - Ratburger

  • Y Bachgen Mewn Ffrog - The Boy in the Dress

Roald Dahl

  • Y Gwrachod - The Witches

  • Matilda

  • Y Crocodeil Anferthol - The Enormous Crocodile

  • Y Bys Hud - The Magic Finger

  • James a’r Eirinen Wlannog Enfawr - James and the Giant Peach

  • Pastai Odl - Rhyma Stew

  • Y Cawr Mawr Mwyn (CMM) - The BFG

  • Moddion Rhyfedd George - George’s Marvellous Medicine

  • Danny Pencampwr y Byd - Danny The Champion of the World

  • Mr Cadno Campus - The Fantastic Mr Fox

  • Ffi Ffai Ffiaidd - Revolting Rhymes

  • Bwydydd Ych-y-Pych - Revolting Recipes

  • Bili a’r Minipinau - Billy and the Minipins

  • Jiraff a’r Pelican a Fi - The Giraffe the Pelly and Me?

  • Nab Wrc - Esio Trot

  • Y Twits - The Twits