Happy Updates!

PAWB!! I posted ages ago that I was finally back after a long disappearance, and then my computer hit the dust! Booo! Hiiiisss!! However, while I’m still without a computer I’m keeping up with my SSiW lessons on my phone and feeling really great about it. What I’m MOST excited to announce, though, is that I’m going to be attending Cwrs Cymraeg 2015 since it’s being hosted in my city this year (Portland, OR in the U.S.)!! WOO!! For those who may not know, it’s a week long immersion course in Welsh with tons of class time, lots of activites, cultural events, and possibly even a field trip to important, local Welsh heritage sites!

I CAN’T WAIT!! Hopefully I’ll have a functioning computer by then (it’s in July), and I can keep you guys posted on the many happenings.

What’s new with you guys?! Did I miss anything fun?!


You mean you missed the announcement that the Welsh government has made Aran minister for education and put Iestyn in charge of the Treasury?

But apart from that it’s been business as usual.


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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! Are you pulling my leg?!

Tynnu dy goes? Fi? Byth!

…Yoooooooooou! :stuck_out_tongue: You got me.

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I feel your pain - but great to hear that you haven’t let your computer keep you away from your Welsh!

Sounds as though you’re going to have a brilliant time in July - I’ll look forward to hearing all about it - how far have you got with your SSiW lessons by now? :sunny:

I got halfway through course three before I started listening to the new course one and got sucked in. So I’m about to finish the new course one, catch up with the current lesson in the new course two, and then I’ll probably start three again since that one was giving me a little bit of trouble last time. I’m all over the place! BUT!! My Welsh has been getting a lot better even though I’m writing more than speaking nowadays. My comprehension has been improving, which is really exciting!


That sounds as though you’re in some serious breakthrough territory - well done! Doesn’t matter at all for you to jump back and forth between materials - you’ve clearly learnt the language to all intents and purposes, and now it’s just a matter of finding a level of usage that you enjoy :sunny:

It would probably be a very good thing for you right now to try and set up a one-off two hour conversation - staying in target language for a longer period of time can have a dramatic effect sometimes, when you’ve done as much ground work as this…


Diolch yn fawr iawn! Excellent suggestion - as a matter of fact, Jeff (Lewis) and I are going to be meeting up with a fluent speaker on Saturday. I’m crazy excited! I’ll let everyone know how it goes, of course.


Brilliant. Looking forward to that very much indeed :sunny:

Oh! Aran! I have a small question for you (or anyone else who’s “eavesdropping”). As I was listening to some of the later lessons in Level 1, I noticed that there were some sentences where instead of using “bod” for “that,” there was a different word/sound that to me sounded like plain old “y.” Can you explain that for me? I think I’ve got a good feel for when it’s supposed to be used in place of “bod” but I’m really just curious about why it happens. I wish I could bring up a specific example for you but I don’t remember which lessons had that in them.

I’ve got to go out in a moment, but happy to think more about this later on - some clues would definitely help, though! :sunny:

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