Great theatre show, Battersea Arts Centre, Feb 23-28

I saw Kiln’s “An evening with Lady Gogo Goch” in Wolverhampton last year - it’s a wild evening of song and laughs, largely in Welsh, performed by the very passionate and generally amazing Frankie Fox from Cardiff, heading to London later this month.

Frankie conjures up the spirits of a pretty wide range of Welsh icons and legends in an inimitable style - if you’re can get to Battersea Arts Centre one evening from the 23rd to 28th February, I recommend checking it out:

The show plays well to English audiences, but is definitely a great opportunity to develop your listening muscles and has extra pleasures for those who understand some (or lots) of the Cymraeg. A bonus pleasure for me was seeing Welsh used with full confidence in England for a mainly monoglot English audience - Frankie makes not a whisper of apology for Cymraeg or for Cymru, though she is certainly up for a bit of a pisstake here and there (fantastic Rugby and Eisteddfod scenes come to mind …)



They are now offering £5 tickets for the first night in Battersea, because they:

… want to pile people in for our Press Night of Lady GoGo Goch at Battersea Arts Centre on Monday 23rd Feb. If you book with the code ‘littledragon’ today and tomorrow you will get reduced tickets of just £5! GoGo book those tix now!

Bargen! Well worth a fiver, if you can get to central London on a Monday night …

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Up with this sort of thing.


So, apparently Battersea Arts Centre isn’t in Central London, exactly - what do I know? It’s all south to me …

But this starts tonight (almost completely sold out) and runs till Saturday, and is featured on the Guardian theatre blog today - and you can get two for one tickets for Thursday (that’s tomorrow) if you quote “OgiOgiOgi” when booking here.

It’s funny, moving and occasionally scary - there is great singing and musicianship and a load of Cymraeg as well as lots of playing with Welsh cultural references, especially in relation to famous Welsh women. Go if you can.

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I’d call that Central London…