Great Phrases / Ymadrodddion gret

Hi Pawb, Cymraeg is so rich in wonderful phrases (ymadroddion bendigedig?) and sayings. I’ve across the following recently in my reading and felt I just had to share. I know there are similar threads and dwi’n caru (dylu?) thred Catrin ‘Gair y Ddiwrnod’.
Beth bynnag, dyma nhw:

‘FFroenuchel’ = snobbish (high nostrils);
‘yn hedfan gydag / efo adar o’r unlliw’ - to hang out with the same crowd (I think). (Literally to fly with birds of the same colour);
‘Tisian’ - sneezing (ornomatapoea Gymraeg!);
‘Chwarae oddi cartre’ - to play away from home (and not just in a sporting context I suspect!);
‘Dim gobaith caneri’ - not a canary’s chance’ (one of my absolute faves);
Cyn ddued â chlogyn gwrach – as black as a witch’s cloak.;
Fy llais Person yn ‘Reglwys gora – my best church voice (polite & clear);
Rhech capel - a chapel fart (silent but deadly!);
Fy milltir sgwar – my home patch (square mile);
yn glincar – a stunner (as in a goal, try, etc).

Hwyl Folks.


A kind fellow-SSiW-er (who would probably prefer to remain anonymous) brought this to my attention recently:

“blingo hwch â chyllell bren”

(to do something that’s) a waste of time and effort

or literally: to skin a sow with a wooden knife.

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Nice one!