Gofyn i or gofyn wrth or both

My MP3 player, for some reason best known to itself, stores the lessons in what seems, to me, a fairly random order. So I was listening to Challenge 10 (New Course) and pleased to be getting all correct using “gofyn wrth”. When the challenge finished, the player ran on to the next on ‘its list’ - Lesson 19 Old Course 2! Here we are suddenly practising “gofyn iddi hi” etc.

Is it gofyn wrth, or gofyn i, or either, or wrth with a noun and i with a verb, or some other explanation?

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S’mae Robin,

wrth with a noun and i with a verb

This I believe:

…gofyn rhywbeth wrthot ti - to as you something
…gofyn i ti wneud rhywbeth - to ask you to do something

It is one of those things in the “don’t worry about it” category though.



Diolch yn fawr iawn, Stu.

Technically, I think it should be ‘gofyn i’ all the time, but ‘gofyn wrth’ is very common in speech…:slight_smile:


Diolch Aran. And if you use gofyn i with a noun is it “gofyn rhywbeth iddi hi”, or “gofyn iddi hi rhywbeth”?

Croeso mawr…:slight_smile:

Gofyn rhywbeth iddi hi…:slight_smile:


Dw i wedi dysgu -
Gofyn i rywun am rywbeth
I have learnt
Ask to someone for something

In the booklet Pa Arddodiad gan D Geraint Lewis
gofyn am rywbeth
gofyn rhywbeth gan rywun
gofyn i rywun gwneud rhywbeth
gofyn i rywun am rywbeth
gofyn dros rywun

There is no mention of gofyn wrth. I thought wrth was specific to just a few vebs such as dweud wrth rywun.


Funny, I just wondered the same thing after going back over challenge 10 of level one. I tried a random Google query and landed here!


Always good to see 6 year old questions still being helpful…:wink: :slight_smile: :joy:


Always! Im hitting precisely to same L1 Ch10!

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