Gareth Thomas now Irish

Words fail me.

Rourke will now play the character Mick “The Blade” Collins in the production, due to be called Irish Thunder, The Sun reported over the weekend.

“Gareth was upset about being cut out, but hopes the story raises awareness of how hard it is for gay sportsman to come out,” the source claimed.

“Nobody in America really understands rugby and there are fears they wouldn’t know much about Wales either,” they added

So what sport will the character play, which the Americans will understand better than Rugby?

Soccer? Gaelic football? Hurling?

Reminds me a bit of the “Comic Strip” spoof, in which they did a Hollywood version of the Miners’ Strike, starring Sylvester Stallone.


This is total BS. Since when does the intended audience have to be intimately familiar with the location to ‘get’ the movie. A good film will supply any necessary info. This film will be fiction. I expect little accurate information will be included.

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Ah, turns out Gareth Thomas has challenged the veracity of this story here…

I couldn’t agree more. I felt sick when I read your enclosure. Please let it not be true. Are there some US SSiWers who can do something?

Since the movie industry has very little qualms about changing just about any detail they please to suit the bottom line and make a more sensational story, I doubt it (speaking as a (cynical) American in the industry). But movies cost a lot of money and the money people are there to make more money, not tell great stories.