Future of S4C - have your say

Just received this, so passing it on for those who may not see it -

Good afternoon,
We, the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee are holding an inquiry into the future of S4C.
The inquiry will build on our initial findings, published in our report ‘The Big Picture: The Committee’s Initial Views on Broadcasting in Wales’. The UK Government is planning a review of S4C in 2017. We are now carrying out our own inquiry into S4C.

We want you to tell us if you think Welsh language TV is as good as it should be and what Welsh audiences want for the future of Welsh language broadcasting.

Have your say in our survey http://bit.ly/S4CReview , which closes on 20 March. We will use your contributions to feed into the inquiry and final recommendations.

Also, please feel free to share and promote the survey through any intranets, websites and through social media with this link:

If you would like more information on the inquiry, please visit the inquiry page. You can also follow us on Twitter: @SeneddCWLC

Cofion gorau / Kind regards,
Caryl Mai Hughes
Swyddog Allgymorth ag Ymgysylltu â Phobl Ifanc / Outreach and Youth Engagement Officer
Cyfathrebu / Communications
Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru / National Assembly for Wales


Diolch yn fawr iawn! I will submit my ‘outside Wales’ views and send a link to the petition! I hope they get a lot of input! @Deborah-SSi Could you put this in the n/l??
ps 1. Oh God Neil Hamilton on the Committee. Heaven help us!
2. It will take time to fill in, I susect so I’ll leave it until after I’ve cooked!

Well survey completed!

I hope it worked. I thought it might throw me out when I could not enter where I live as only locations in Wales were options! I will try to get the Committee’s contact e-mail to send a message about those of us outside Wales! They may care, we could bring in funds, I guess Sky pay for access, so I already bring in funds!!

have sent you a PM

Diolch. received and understood!

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I do hope @Deborah-SSi can put this consultation in the n/l as so far there does not seem to be an overwhelming rush of eager contributors! Maybe they reacted to the earlier consultation by Committee on Culture, Media and Sport at Westminster and don’t realise this is a new one run from the Senedd???

could be. and I imagine (probably having watched too many episodes of ‘Yes Minister’ :wink: ) that the Senedd will probably only be made aware of points in the former that suit the CM&S Committee, so well worth doing both, even if it is repetition.

Today I received first this:
Good Morning Mrs Comben

Many thanks for your email and comments relating to the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee S4C review inquiry. You make a very good point about the inclusion of all types of programming and we hope that those taking part in the survey consider all programming methods when completing the survey.

I have copied the Committee clerking team into this email in order to forward your comments and suggestions, which may then be considered in the course of the inquiry. If you’d like to know a little more about the Committee, you can click on the following link which will take you to the Committee’s webpage: http://www.assembly.wales/en/bus-home/committees/Pages/Committee-Profile.aspx?cid=445

Also, if you would like further information on the S4C review, being conducted by the Committee, please click on the following link: http://senedd.assembly.wales/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=17122

Diolch o galon am eich sylwadau


Rhayna Mann
Uwch Swyddog Cyswllt ac Allgymorth
Senior Outreach and Liaison Officer

Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru
National Assembly for Wales

T: 0300 200 7229

Note above links available to all!
Next I received this:-

Dear Sir / Madam
Thank you for your response to the consultation issued by the Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee as part of its inquiry into the future of S4C.
Your response will be circulated to members of the Committee and published on our internet site, in line with the Assembly’s privacy policy.
Please ensure that you have read the privacy policy and understand how your information will be used. If you do not agree to your information being used in this way, you should respond by return, outlining your reasons, to:
Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee,
National Assembly for Wales,
Cardiff Bay,
Cardiff CF99 1NA
E-mail: SeneddCWLC@assembly.wales
which added copies of my letter and the above, so is not just a formulaic response to the original consultation reply.
For completeness, here is a copy of the e-mail I had sent:-
To the Committee on Culture, Welsh Language and Communications:-

I have tried to respond to the Consultation on the future of S4C. but am unsure if the attempt reached you as the last question asked where I lived and only Welsh areas were options. I live in Scotland and watch S4C every day via Sky. I presume Sky pay S4C for this and if they do not, that is one change which should be made to bring in needed funds.

I have been relearning Welsh via the SaySomethinginWelsh on line facility and have met people from all over the world on the SSiW Forum, all of whom greatly value such S4C programs as they can access. This seems to vary widely and all would happily pay a subscription to S4CInternational to get as many programs as possible.

I started a petition to the UK Government Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport when S4C’s finances first began to be cut.
The Public Signature list is available on line at

The many comments stress the value placed upon the Channel and our ancient and beautiful language, which is an asset to tourism, not a detriment.
Please would you take account of the value of all types of programs to the diaspora as well as those within Wales.

Please note that I am now 75, so my license fee is, I believe, now borne by the BBC. If I could choose I would donate it to S4C and, actually, I would be happy to continue paying while I am alive.

Sorry this is all so long, but hope its helpful! @Deborah-SSi? @siaronjames


Yay, replies! Got to be a step forward!
Well done @henddraig :smiley:


From 22 Dec 1999 article on in The Guardian at the time of the Hamilton, Al Fayed libel trial…
The buffoonish image cultivated by Mr Hamilton in public has managed to gloss over his extreme views. Born in 1947 in a small Welsh mining town, he was a leading light in the Federation of Conservative Students and the ultra right at the university of Aberystwyth. A 1979 election flyer in Bradford, where Mr Hamilton was standing as Conservative candidate, espoused “coloured” repatriation, as did a speech to the Tory selection committee at the same time


Oh dear, I filled out the form and got a bit stroppy about ‘where do you live’ question so will be embarrassed when it is published. There was one box that allowed free text not fully associated with the question so did vent my spleen there! Will probably have Neil Hamilton knock on my door as I live in London.

I think you’ll find it’s the other way around.

WHAT??? Why!!!

Appears it stopped now

Diolch Duw! Sky should certainly pay S4C/BBC. I said so in my letter. Sky charge us enough! They can easily make folk like me pay extra for S4C and get their money back. They don’t charge us any less because I’m entitled to a Free License!

A follower of Enoch Powell forsooth! :angry: In fact I found an article in the Daily Express by Neil Hamilton asking “Why did we ignore Enoch Powell?” and supporting caps on immigration!

Nothing but quality for Neil “My missus and me’ll do anything for money” Hamilton.

Can’t remember where, but I read that, while he may be Welsh, he’s not a friend of the Welsh language.