Forgetting things I’ve learned

Can people give me tips on how to remember things I’ve learned in Welsh have you had this trouble ?

For me the most critical thing is not to worry too much about forgetting things because often they will sink in subconciously.

Context and practice is where things come flooding back to me.

I think it would apply to trying to remember any language or topic. If you try to learn something without some kind of context, mnemoic or aid there are very few reasons for memories being triggered by association.

For example the word cofio. Unless you just sit there are say to yourself “cofio means remember” 100 times you’re likely to foget it (ironically).

However, perhaps using a silly aid such as “Remember cofio?” or a little song/rhyme “Dwi’n cofio nofio” - I remember swimming, is (for me at least) useful.

It’s important for me to say that I have nothing substantial to back up my methods of learning, and I’m not an educator (other than private tutor in ICT), so all I can convey is personal methods and learning experience.

Hope it is a little helpful at least :smile:


Repetition in context is probably the main thing.

SSiW lessons/challenges have spaced-repetion built in. If you follow a complete course or level, you should notice that things from the early lessons will be repeated in later lessons, so you don’t really have to worry about forgetting the earlier stuff.

When it comes to learning new material outside of SSi, one easy thing to do is to insert new words into sentences/structures you have learned in the SSiW lessons/challenged, and just repeat them a few times, preferably in a real conversation.




Shw mae, Anna?

Is it lesson material that you are struggling to remember?

A lot of people find that if they have learnt Welsh before, they “forget” what they have learnt before after starting SSiW. What actually seems to happen (this is observation rather than anything scientific) is that the SSiW material is so much easier to remember than the old memories, it feels like the memories are fading. But in fact, they were never that strong, never quite fully available for use anyway.

In my experience (of what happens to other people), the useful stuff comes back into focus quite quickly, from constantly thinking “oh, what’s that word?”, and the stuff that you don;t use much sort of sits there until you need it a few times.

If it’s extra stuff outside of the lessons that you learn-and-then-forget, then I’d recommend using it a lot. As Mike says, fit it into some SSiW sentences, lots of different ones, and if you can, make them humorous or emotional in some way.

Emotion has a huge part to play. One of the reasons that making mistakes in public is so important is that it’s often a slightly embarrassing / funny / confusing / frustrating experience that cements certain words into place in your memory.

Hope that helps!