For memrise with a link to words from Y Gwyll, Cyfres 3

Came across what appears to be a really useful list
Welsh Course Hyfedredd on memrise

Words and phrases for politics, meetings, conflicts etc, etc.

For people who want to discuss Brexit, Europe, Scottish Independence etc. @henddraig perhaps? :wink:


I’m not sure about discussing Scottish politics yn Gymraeg, but are you going to post s link, @Pete2?

Diolch! Meanwhile, I saw “Together for Wales” "Gyda’n Gilydd Dros Gymru " @aran why do you need ‘gyda’n’. I thought gilydd meant together?

@Pete2 and @henddraig I tried to find you on Mamrise just for fun of it but failed. :slight_smile:

If you go on cwrs pellach y gogledd and look at leaderboard you’ll find me

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Riddles, huh? :slight_smile: OK … I’ll dig you out. :slight_smile:

Solved the riddle, but not your way. This course is obviously private and isn’t shown in the main courses page. .:slight_smile:

I couldn’t actually sort out how to find it as the link took me to an app and I decided to wait until I was,on the lap top.

How strange. I can find it!

No, not really - you’d always need a bit more, depending on the context.


I think in the north is efo’n gilydd for gyda’n gilydd but there’s many different uses.

Just listen to the boss and don’t overthink things :slight_smile:


And I couldn’t unless peering into your profile. it’s there but when you search for it you can’t find it. That’s how “private” courses usually are put on Memrise. They’re not listed in the main page but you can “pick” them from profiles of those you follow/find. Maybe you can find it because you already do it … not sure.

And you have to put work on it … you’ve dropped to 5th place. :slight_smile: (no offence, I’m just teezing you)


I had to do a classic review just to check I wasn’t.

But there’s another SSIWer on the leaderboard you know well.

I successfully logged into memrise after ensuring it was free!! I couldn’t find a course about Government or politics, so picked one with pretty daffodils on the cover and fled! All this about leaderboards totally leaves me baffled! I think I’ll finish forgetting SSiW before I try to learn/forget stuff from memrise, which, I guess, I could get from my big geiriadur paper-with-printing or an app, if I looked up the right words! As I realised I do not know the words for right and left, I think in-depth discussion of politics is a bit far over my horizons currently!!

Oh and i was about to ask

Beth ydy dy farn di am annibyniaeth Yr Alban. Wyt ti’n meddwl y dylai’r llywodraeth cael y cyfle ar gyfer etholiad arall?

If you’re on laptop and you click the link @Pete2 posted above, it takes you directly to that course but you will not see it in your profile until you start doing it.

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@Pete2 Mae refferendwm arall ni angen! But not yet. Definitely not until the worst Brexit and the Tories can do is clear! (I used Google translate to confirm some of what you wrote. No need for memrise!).
OK @tatjana managed to find the right bit of memrise, but will not use yet!! Takes too long, or I am slow to catch on how to get out of a loop!!
I still fail to see how to find others, i.e. you on the site!! I have told it my username is henddraig,

Thanks @Pete2 I’d never used memrise before this. That was fun! Any tips on how to get the most out of memrise?

No idea really. I find not looking at the word option helps. I sometimes skip the speed reviews too. And after a few courses i just repeat the classic reviews at random.

It’s just another tool. But useful when you hear the words on radio cymru for example.


Do you recommend any others in particular?