For memrise with a link to words from Y Gwyll, Cyfres 3

Cwrs pellach y gogledd
Geiriau cymraeg lefel uwch
Arddodiad cymraeg
Useful phrases course uwch
Welsh rugby words

But if you find any good ones let me know!

I tend to do an hour or so of this with duolingo every day. I’m sure my vocab is getting on for 2,000 - 3,000 words now. Just need more speaking, listening, reading and writing practice! Though some days i lack the motivation. Roll on the third mini bootcamp i say!


Why not just peering into @Pete2’s profile, click the “Courses” tab at the left and you’ll have them all sorted down the screen. Prety many useful thingys there but it’s hard to do them all at once especially if you lack of time and if (which I know you’re not) you are not strongly devoted. (this is my case).

@henddraig finding someone on Mamrise is a nightmare in deed as there’s no member search (as far as I could establish) to be able to find other members. But here exists the simple way which involves a bit of adapting the URL to your needs. If you come to Mamrise and click “My profile” button you’ll get the link of your profile. Change your Username in the link with the one one gave you and you’ll come directly to their profile. Here’s the example how:

Go to your profile

You get the URL (Internet address) of your profile

Errase your username from the URL and substitute it with the one of the member you’ve got, hit ENTER and … wualla! you’re on the desired member’s profile.

I’ve searched for Pete before he gave me a hint where to look and it was tricky … :smile: Peering into the leaderboards of the particular course, it was easy to find @AnthonyCusack though. :slight_smile:

Pob lwc bawb! :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you want to follow someone, there on the right it’s button follow to do so.


I think I’ll pass on that! Ultra techy and a bit invasive!

i found you … :slight_smile:

I’ve just created a list of words from series 3 of Y Gwyll

Now how do use this in memrise


Did you create this list in Mamrise? If not, you have to create a course and publish it. If it’s not published it can be only of your use though. I didn’t try to do any course yet but I’m playing with the thought to create some useful phrases of Slovene just to see how this techy thingy can serve the purpose and how everything is done.

To create the course you go to courses and click tab “Create a course” at the top right(ish).

From there on I believe you’re guided how to do things. After you published the course I believe there has to be a bit of “publicity” among your friends members on here etc that the course can be found and used.

pob lwc! :slight_smile:

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HAHA! I was too late but anyway … :slight_smile: Will look into it.

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Its just one big word list at the moment. But hey it’s a start

One more Y gwyll, cyfres 3 :wink:

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Memrise let me see it and had a learn option. I just looked! Memrise wouldn’t be my first choice of ways to learn! Useful for some things! Especially if a lovely Bachgen keeps making up lists for me!

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Useful for me … you know “cofio, anghofio, cofio …”. I’ve gone through the fist section of @Pete2’s list and it was like I just said … I’ve remembered the word and the next minute I’ve forgotten it. The aim here is to work on the course every day (which I do not a tthe moment with any 15 courses I have listed on my profile though). :slight_smile: :frowning:

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Have added you as a contributor for when you have time

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Diolch. :slight_smile:

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A cheekily challenging one. I’m sure to use the will of God etc from now on, and pathology results?. Back to give it another go!

Developed by this ffwl hunan-gyfiawn.

Wrth gwrs, mae yn felltith ar y lle yma.


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It’s a good quiz!

just one small thing - dwywaith is misspelt

Ooops. You’re an editor too if you feel like changing it. :slight_smile:

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You see what wording is doing? You just added something to the title and the crowd is gathering around you! :slight_smile: Da iawn ti!

Now if you do one form Rownd a Rownd you’ll do even better. (and I mean it siriously) (if you watch the series of course).