Folk Festival in Machynlleth to celebrate St David's Day

There will be a folk festival in Machynlleth from 1-3 March, to celebrate St David’s Day. Artists confirmed include: Yr Hwntws, DnA, Parti Cut Lloi, Cerrig Camu, Twm Morys and Gwyneth Glyn, Yr Hen Fegin, Tacla, Cynefin, 3 Legg’d Mare, Sian James, Cerys Havana and Doimnic MacGiolle Bridhe. Apologies for misspelling - I’m a bit over-excited. For more details, and a full programme of events, see the Gwyl y Pethau Bychain (Festival of Small Things) Facebook page. Tickets on sale now.

@nia.llywelyn has made the brilliant suggestion that we organise a SSiW meet-up to coincide with the event. I’m totally up for that, and happy to help.

It could be late Saturday morning (11.00?), if plenty of you will have arrived by then (events start on the Friday evening), and we might or might not be able to meet in our usual Welsh-speaking venue, Caffi Alys, which is one of the main venues for the festival. I’ll check.

Please just announce your interest at this stage!


I’m very interested, but will be kicked out of my house that week, so I might be relocated to Birmingham by then. I reckon I could make it up for a meet-up by 11am though, even if I can’t do the evening gigs. Count me in.


Very interested!


Mwy o artistiaid a lleoliadau i’w ychwanegu | More artists and venues to be included and confirmed…

Nos Wener - Friday, 1 Mawrth/March
7:00 pm DnA Glyndwr £8.00
3 Legg’d Mare Wynnstay £6.00
6:30pm Osian Morris Wennol/Swallow £6.00

8:00 pm Cabaret Lleol/Local Wennol/Swallow Am ddim/Free
9:00 pm Yr Hwntws Glyndwr £8.00
Sian James Wynnstay £8.00
9:30 pm Doimnic Mac giolla Bhride Wennol/Swallow £6.00
& Aindrias de Staic
Dydd Sadwrn - Saturday, 2 Mawrth/March
1:00 pm Y Tribanwr & 3 Hwntw Caffi Alys Am Ddim-Free
Nick Davalan & Teulu Wynnstay £2.00
3:00 pm Patrobas Glyndwr £6.00
Twm Morys & Gwyneth Glyn Wynnstay £8.00
5.00 pm Cerys Hafana Wynnstay Am Ddim-Free
7:00 pm Tacla Glyndwr £6.00
Cerrig Camu + Gai Toms Wynnstay £8.00
Doimnic Mac Giolla Bhride Wennol/Swallow
& Aindrias de Staic £6.00

8:00 pm Cabaret Lleol/ Local Cabaret Caffi Alys Am ddim-Free
9:00 pm Bob Delyn ar Ebillion Glyndwr £8.00
9:00pm Owen Shiers Wynnstay £6.00
9:00pm Tinc Y Tannau Wennol/Swallow £6.00

10.30 pm Sesiwn Werin - Jam Session Wynnstay

Dydd Sul - Sunday, 3 Mawrth/March
12.00 pm Dau Fardd -Poetry Session Caffi Alys
1.00 pm Parti Cut Lloi Glyndwr £6.00
Clerwyr Amser Cinio /Sunday Lunch Minstrels Wynnstay
2.30 pm Hen Fegin & Twmpath Wynnstay £6.00
4.00 pm Clocio Wynnstay

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I’m going on Sunday to Parti Cut Lloi and the twmpath if anyone fancies joining me. I dare say I could pop over on Saturday too if there is a meet up somewhere

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I would love to come. It may not be possible, due to other commitments, but I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

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Yes I hope I can come ,my husband is out of hospital now but has a long way to go before full recovery. All being well, I will be there.

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Great news!

Looking at the possibility of popping up with the camper van, small dog, and [heb Cymraeg o gwbl] wife - but it might depend on finances, as I’ve got two trips to Cardiff to factor in for the 6N… fingers crossed though…

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ahhh… lot gwell na rygbi @richardharris !

oes posib ti newid hwn i’r un mwya diweddar plis @Deborah-SSi. angen talu £2 am y stwff am 1 o’r gloch . sori :slight_smile:

Y digwyddiad ddydd Sadwrn yn Caffi Alys?

I’m planning to come up on the Saturday morning and I’d love to stay for Sunday too. If anyone has a spare corner of a room I can bunk down in for Saturday night, could they let me know please?

Diolch :heart_eyes:

Dwi’n siŵr bo ti’n gywir!

It sounds like there will be plenty of us around to have a good meet-up, so let’s say from 11.00 at Caffi Alys. Some of us will be there through to 1.00, so we can stay on for the gig (£2, apparently, not free) by Y Tribanwr and 3 Hwntw. Can’t wait!


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Note that Wynnstay Hotel is offering a 20% discount on accommodation for people coming to the festival!

And I still have a spare room for a Welsh-speaker (any level) who will muck in…

The full programme for this weekend is now available as a PDF - Download it from this link: Pethau Bychain

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