Folk Festival in Machynlleth to celebrate St David's Day

Can’t attend this one, but how about a meet up for the weekend of the Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau over the weekend of Fri 17th til Sun 19th July?

This is an old thread, so I’m tagging @CatrinLliarJones, - this may need a new thread to make sure folk see it. I’m up for a meet-up!

Hi Bronwen! Diolch for the heads-up! :slight_smile:

Is there a St David’s day Folk Festival in Machynlleth this year? Just did a quick search on Google and nothing fresh came up for me. If you have any additional info, please let me know and I would be happy to promote it in a new thread and in the weekly email. Diolch! :slight_smile:

Not as far as I know, but Jonathan is proposing a meet-up during the Sesiwn Fawr in Dolgellau instead!

Yes, there is a festival in Machynlleth this year. Details are here (if my attempt to insert a link work)
I case the link doesn’t work, visit:
Gwyl Y Pethau Bychain Facebook page.
Sadly I can’t go as I’m away that weekend :grimacing: but I am seeing my lovely son and daughter :grinning:

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