Feeling good

Shwmae pawb!

Just had a wonderful Welsh experience and the best compliment to date. My wife takes my son (9 months) to twf baby group most weeks in Swansea. For those who don’t know twf encourages people to speak Welsh to their babies from day one, in this group they sing songs, play games etc… anyway ive not been before because im in work but today I booked half day as I thought it would be a good opportunity to speak Welsh with the twf staff.

So when I got there I didn’t hang around, I went straight over to the twf staff and started a conversion completely in welsh, when I was about 10/15 minutes into the conversation one of the staff asked what Welsh medium school I attended in Swansea, they were shocked when I said that I attended an English medium school. Then one of them said she thought I was native first language speaker, of course I was absolutely chuffed. I told them ive been learning for about 2 years and proceeded to tell them all about ssiw (which they’d all heard good things about already). They then decided to take me around different groups of mothers for me to explain what ssiw is all about and how is made me a ‘fluent speaker’ (what the twf Swansea Rep called me, not my own words). So I’m feeling amazing at the moment, loads of people there seemed interested in ssiw, hopefully I generated a few new members :slight_smile:


That’s excellent! Good for you!

As a new member of the forum and a complete beginner (just finished Lesson 2 on course 1), this is a really good story for me to read. I shall save this in my head and use it as inspiration to continue if it gets tough!


I love the sound of new Welsh speakers realising they’ve been born…:wink:

Where is that “like” button? Double thumbs up!! :smiley:

Thanks for the replies, it was defiantly worth losing half a days holiday in work :slight_smile:

Llongyfarchiadau Phillip! What an amazing compliment! And well deserved, I’m sure. :slight_smile:

Really inspiring to read this Phillip. Thank you for posting… I hope you have many moments like this too. Thanks :slight_smile:

Wow, being mistaken for a first-language speaker by first-language speakers – ardderchog!

Thanks again for the replies :slight_smile:

It was probably just confidence and the fact that I already have a welshy west Wales accent :slight_smile:

Im just so happy I stumbled upon ssiw! Thanks all the ssiw team, it’s completely changed my life :slight_smile:


Thanks all the ssiw team, it’s completely changed my life :slight_smile:

And that’s our favourite sentence!

Diolch yn fawr iawn for your extremely kind words…:star:

I think you’ve illustrated the value of confidence, but don’t undervalue your actual abilities as well, which I’m sure are pretty good.

Pob hwyl.

Excellent story, and especially welcome after the negative experience a member posted last week. I’m so pleased to hear this. My experience of speaking Welsh was also positive and encouraging. It’s reactions like this that help push people to fluency :slight_smile: