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I have a few general questions about the method - I’m now on week 4, and think it’s going well. However, I’m a bit confused because it says I will get one lesson a week (and I have been), which is about 30 minutes - at the start, it said you can do the 30 minutes in one chunk, or split it up into more manageable chunks of say 6 minutes each over the week. But at the end of lesson 4, Aran says we should do 20 minutes a day, but unless I listen to the same lesson over and over, it won’t take 20 minutes?

In fact, I do do more than 20 minutes a day because I’m combining it with Duolingo, but I don’t think that’s what was meant!

The lesson does say to check out the FAQs, but unfortunately they don’t work - when I click on any of the FAQs (eg How to #4 - Make Time to Learn), I just get a message saying “Community not found” and it takes me back to the week 4 page.

My other question is specifically about week 4. “I still need to” - sometimes it’s “mae dal eisiau fi” and sometimes it’s “mae dal rhaid i fi”. When do I use “eisiau”, and when do I use “rhaid”? I got most of them wrong because when I said “eisiau” the soundtrack said “rhaid”, and vice versa!



This thread might help you with that - Q: Lesson 4 of New Southern Course

Thanks, Siaron - although that thread made sense, it doesn’t explain the difference between “eisiau” and “rhaid”, which was my issue in this lesson.



eisiau (in the South) is ‘need’ whereas rhaid is ‘must’/‘have to’ (a sense of obligation). I think the problem stems with the elastic use of English where the line between ‘need’ and ‘must’ is sometimes more vague.

Does that help at all?


Thank you - that does help a lot!

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