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What course can I use to further my vocabulary with words like: milk, bed, laptop etc

Well, there’s always Duolingo which provides more of that kind of vocabulary, although it takes ages to get anywhere and it’s a bit rigid in which forms it allows (unlike SSiW!).

In addition to that, when learning a language I like to imagine a dialogue in my head, and then I realise I need this or that word, whereupon I promptly look it up in the dictionary.

And you can always start reading books - there are many at varying levels, including (I assume) children’s picture books. Somebody gave me a book called Teach your Dog Welsh which is also quite an amusing way of adding some vocab.

And I learned some really useful words like vaccine and lockdown from reading BBC Fyw (news in Welsh) on my tablet… :smile:


Thankyou so much. Really helpful

There are a few courses on Memrise (website or app), like one called “Welsh vocabulary (images and audio)” you might want to try?

For me trying to stick single words like this or with illustrated dictionary or flashcards (like Anki app) doesn’t work at all! But I know several people who find it effective so worth checking, I guess.

BTW, for me it’s reading books for learners that’s working better than anything although you cannot always choose vocabulary by topic.


Yeah, I am with you. Dysgu Cymreag (which uses flash cards and images) is not effective at all. I think I am going to purchase some books and maybe a English to Welsh dictionary. Thanks for the advise.


One of the best dictionaries (if not THE best!) for learners is Gareth King’s ‘Modern Welsh Dictionary’ because it gives examples in context (which most standard dictionaries don’t) and that’s a huge help for learners.


By the way, if you want to start a civil war, just ask on Twitter what the word for ‘milk’ is. :wink:


Thankyou so much. I think I have heard that name before

Is it welsh to english

I don’t doubt it - his grammar books are excellent. (and he’s often about on this forum with his wise words too… aren’t you @garethrking :wink: )

It’s Welsh-English and English-Welsh

oh ok. I might get it then


Thanks for everyone’s help. Can anyone recommend any welsh language learning books. I am definetly getting a dictionary

I agree with @siaronjames for the choice of dictionary - because it doesn’t only list translations it also includes useful examples and explanations.

For books, here’s a few I would recommend, from my experience:
Colin Jones’ (one is a sort of method, but check also books lists) good to start with reading and helpful to build vocabulary:

All books in this series

And also Lois Arnold’s like “cysgod yn y coed” and “sgŵp!”.

Then you can have a look at this thread for more suggestions:



diolch yn fawr

Yes I am. :slight_smile:


is it possible you know any others

Did you mean to ask me or someone else in this thread?
Anyway, some are already in the previous post, but there’s a few more as well:

(Mixed with non-fiction, grammar etc:

And oh, since @garethrking was mentioned, also this one you may want to check:


diolch yn fawr. Your a huge help

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Another strategy I know some people use to get everyday single-word bits of vocab to stick (no pun intended) is to look them up, write them on a Post-It note, & stick them around the house - so your kettle has a label on it saying tegell that you see every time you use it, the kitchen door says cegin or y gegin etc.


That’s a really good idea. thanks