Exporting Data onto my new phone

I have had all my lessons on my Android for years. This week I needed a new phone. Another Android. Can anyone tell me how to transfer my lessons on the old phone, onto the new one please?
I am still paying my subscription. I did find a place where it may have been able to export the lessons but its not working. The message was that there is a problem and asked me to click on ‘ok’ which I did.
I would be most grateful for your help.
I had all three levels for the South followed by everything and including Beca’s work too.
Many thanks
@Admin ??

@jamesmahoney or @gisella-albertini - you’re the ‘android go-to’s’ - can you help with this?

There’s no option to export lessons from one phone to another.

But if you enter your membership details into the app on the new phone then you can download any lessons you have access to

Hi, Thank you so much for the quick reply.
I have managed to log on successfully. However, I have downloaded all the Advanced lessons but only lesson one of Level one will download.
Its these three Levels One, Two and Three that I really need to repeat but I get the above message, which you can see in the form of a screenshot.
Can you please tell me how to get these on my new phone too as I cannot use the old one any longer. All the lessons were on there, of course.
So sorry to put pressure on you but I cannot work out how to do this.
Many thanks. Diolch.

I’ll tag @stine too - as you’re still paying a subscription it looks like there’s a glitch somewhere, and she’ll know how (or who) to sort it out.

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Thank you so much Siaron,
It is strange. I signed in with my user name and it only downloaded all the advanced stuff.
I just decided to try logging in with my e-mail address instead and it suddenly started downloading course one of the old course. Not what I wanted but better than nowt! But stopped again It wont download anymore of thevold or new courses.
I did wonder if somewhere in the system it still has my old e-mail address??
It was hacked so I had ti stop usingbit but it was annie_mo_ashley@yahoo.co.uk
Just a thought

That might be it. Stine should be able to find out. I’m afraid I’m not that good with the tech side (my phone’s just a phone :wink: ), so I just pass techy stuff on to others!
You could also try emailing admin@saysomethingin.com in case Stine isn’t on the forum for a while.

It does as though your membership account isn’t correctly connected to all of the lessons and courses you should have. It’s one for admin to sort out

While admins do their checkings…from standard user to standard user :grin:…if you see the Advanced material I guess you should see the Courses as well (Level 1, 2, 3).

One thing that got me confused while reinstalling the app, is that it wouldn’t download the lessons I wanted until it had finished downloaded the ones that were “queued” (voluntarily or involuntarily!).

So things you may want to see (sorry I’m not on the phone can’t send screenshot now!):
What do you see on the right side of the lessons you want to download/don’t want to download but started by themselves?
A cloud?
An arrow pointing downwards + “downloading lesson”?
Anything else or nothing at all?

OR, you may just wait for news from the admin! :wink:

Hello @annmoore, & thanks, @siaronjames for the tag :grinning:

If you have a tech issue such as this one, by far the best thing to do is to contact us at admin@saysomethingin.com, as Siaron suggested. Unfortunately, we’re not always able to pop into the forum every day, much as we’d like to (yesterday was a bit of a flat out one for me so I didn’t even look at any tags, sorry!), and tbh, it’s not a great idea for us to be discussing issues relating to your subscription on an open forum anyway :wink: Could you drop us an email to the admin address using the email you log in with? We’ll have a look in more detail at what’s going on for you via that route and get you up and running again as soon as we can.

Hope that helps, and look forward to getting your email. Take care, Stine

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Hi there Stine,
Apologise for the time taken to reply.
I have just sent an email as requested and look forward to your reply.
Also many thanks to @siaronjames and @gisella-albertini


No problem, @annmoore - time just disappears! Glad to see it’s all sorted out for you now, which is the main thing :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much, all downloaded easily now. Many thanks to Ivan too.
Now…back to work :innocent:

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