Englynion about my cat!

Alan Llwyd Alan Llwyd - Wikipedia wrote englynion about my cat! We commissioned him to do this for the proceeds to go to a local charity. Macavity the mysterious cat has some competition now!
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Who’s reciting? Alan Llwyd?

No it’s not him but Owain ( and he says look out for the mispronunciations!)

Oh, I thought the voice is familiar. Da iawn @owainlurch! My ears didn’t catch any misspronunciations but my ears are not keen to hear them though anyway. :slight_smile:

Owain’s readings are interesting even if I don’t understand everything so I’m following him on Soundcloud (hope you both don’t mind) :slight_smile:


When I try to listen to something like this, I realise that my Cymraeg is hopeless, totally forgotten. lost and gone away! All I could catch is that Ianto is a male cat and may be being compared to heroes of yore!

And since I had only a vague idea about what an englyn was, I looked up Wikipedia’s explanation:


@triciaroberts I hope the cat is pleased with the results! :slight_smile:

I hope this black big hero is as good as he possibly can be. I had a privilege to see him live when talking to @owainlurch. Unforgetable fellow who didn’t want to sit still in Owain’s lap for a long time seeing me on the screen. :slight_smile:


Oh yes he is he talked about it on his Facebook group!

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I wouldn’t worry! Alan Llwyd is a very accessible poet, but englynion are a particular style of poetry- even first language speakers can have trouble with them :smile:

It was my privilege to speak to you, and both of our privileges to behold Ianto! :wink:
Here is a picture of him after an international rugby game

And one of him looking “yn hynod o frenhinol”!

But this is how we normally see him…


I misinterpreted this for a moment. I thought you meant you had taken him to one!!! Once I saw a chap with a live pet rat curled up round his neck at a Star Trek premier, but a cat at an International… wow!!

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I did see a cat on a lead the other day; it was actually being carried at the time (and looking as if this was no more than his or her right…).

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Some folk came on holiday to Gower one year with their cat on a lead. Well the cat was on the lead when out for a walk on Rhossili Down!! I’m sure it was off lead when indoors!
In the 60’s, I had a Siamese who always wanted to come shopping, so I tried him on a lead, but he promptly sat down and refused to move. I gave up and took him back to our flat!

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