English-Welsh Dictionary with IPA

Could anyone recomend an English Welsh Dictionary that uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) for pronunciation? I’m looking to shore up some vowels, and possibly make some IPA transcriptions of Welsh Art Songs. Such a dictionary would be invaluable

Bryan Price.


Hi and Welcome.
I dont think that there is a Welsh dictionary with IPA pronunciations. However, The Oxford Modern Welsh Dictionary has a pronunciation guide (not IPA) in the front section. Alternatively this Wikipedia entry has a similar guide with IPA.


Totally disappointed! I was expecting a “Which English-Welsh dictionary goes best with a pint of IPA” question. :rofl:


After three pints it really doesn’t matter.


Sorry that this is late, but I’ve just realised something about the Trinity St Davids University of Wales Dictionary. For some words, the output is accompanied with a voice recording.


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Not directly relevant to the OP, but the topic of IPA comes up from time to time.
For those who aren’t professional linguists or linguistics students, IPA can be a bit of a challenge. (It always has been for me).

I came across this reddit page, which if you look down has a link to an IPA chart with useful sound samples:

This is the chart:


(You are prompted to enable Flash (at least I was, using Chrome on Windows 7)).

Hope that can help someone.

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I’ve found this one useful for my studies, it gives the basic symbols, and modifications - and has recordings of the sound of each symbol: http://linguistics.ucla.edu/people/keating/IPA/inter_chart_2018/IPA_2018.html

For instance, you can try the alveolar lateral fricative /ɬ/ so typical of Welsh.