End of Deep End

I am in Week 13, the end of DeepEnd and here’s my thoughts on how things have progressed.

Challenges. I have managed to complete all 25 Level 3 challenges. They have been a really useful addition to the Level 2 course I did as part if the 6 Month Welsh Speaker course. It’s definitely added to my vocabulary and understanding.

Listening. Part of Deep End is to continue listening to the last Level 2 listening exercise and to add in regular listening to Radio Cymru. I now listen to Post Cyntaf every morning as well as Recordiau Rhys Mwyn and ither favorites.

Speaking. At the start of Deep End it was pretty easy to cope with but got more and more frustrating trying to fit in as much speaking as required in the weekly tasks. For example, trying to fit in 2 hours of Radio Cymru AND two hours of conversation every day is difficult to achieve, particularly if your working and have other commitments. It’s the one area I have been able to complete every week.

For me the discipline of trying to adhere to each of the tasks on the weekly email made it worth trying, but I will be running through the challenges again and trying to do more Welsh speaking practice.

Was it worth it? Hell, yes
Would I recommend it? You need full commitment and understand that it is time consuming, but if you know that before you start I"d say give it a try.


Superb effort there, sir - I salute you!

Yes, the time on speaking is really challenging - but I think we’d be letting you down if we didn’t push you as hard as possible. We really ought to try and get some before/after video - I’m sure you’d see a significant difference… :slight_smile:

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Hiya, am I missing something? What is Deep End? I can’t find any other reference to it. I’m fast approaching the end of Level 3 and starting to worry about getting my daily fix!

You don’t need the Deep End, then - it’s the guided journey through Level 3 - your focus should mainly be on a) talking to people (see www.saysomethingin.com/wsp) and b) the advanced listening content - ‘Learn’ -> ‘Advanced content’… :slight_smile:

Hi Jude,

Aran has answered what Deep End is but have you joined Welsh Speaking Practice on Slack yet. Lots of opportunities to try out your Welsh there.

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Hi Gog, aah, I didn’t realise WSP was on slack. I’ve had to delete the app cos it takes up too much space on my phone. Hmm, might have to rejig something or other.

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Probably the best place to get your fix of Welsh speaking! There are Hangouts ( group video chat) at least 3 times a week and you can get to chat to people one-to-one. Unless you live near a Welsh speaking community you won’t find a better and more helpful group of people.