Elizabeth Jane Corbett (Liz) in Cardiff

Helo pawb!

I’m coming to Cardiff on 30/5 and leaving on 2/6. Is anyone around for a drink in the Mochyn Du?


raises hand

It would be great to meet you, Liz.

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You know those dates take in the Urdd Eisteddfod in Bridgend next town over do you? In case you’d missed it and were interested!

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I’m around.

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I would love to go to the Urdd but time is limited and it is meant to be a research trip. So, I’d better stick to my plans. :frowning:

But a drink in the Mochyn Du (or anywhere else that suits people) when all museums, libraries, universities and research possibilities are exhausted would be lovely. :slight_smile:

It certainly could be a time sink!

Two things!

1 It is also the week of Hay Festival, so at the moment we are trying to decide when we will go there. We will stay with our daughter in Hereford, so might not be in Cardiff - if we are, we will certainly come to meet up with you.

2 From 1-4 June, much of central Cardiff is in a traffic-free lock-down, as it is the final of the UEFA cup. So please check your travel arrangements, especially if you need to be within half a mile of the Millennium Stadium (Cardiff Central Station, National Express coaches from Sophia Gardens) as I am not even sure if taxis are allowed to go into the traffic exclusion zone. Again, given as our road will be blocked to the north as it approaches Central Station and to the south we will have to show that we live there in order to get past the barrier, we might well stay in Hereford for the whole of this period.

So, in a state of flux at the moment I cannot make any arrangements, but if we are around I will most certainly try to meet up with you. Failing that, hopefully see you in Melbourne at the end of August!

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Hi, yes, thanks for the heads up. I’ll be staying out of Cardiff and may make the 1st my St Fagan’s day.

If you’re in St Fagans we have a few options - the Plymouth Arms isn’t a bad pub (very foody)
Or (and my favourite option)
-you’re not that far from West Cardiff when you’re there. This means Treganna and the wonderful Lansdowne. Very Welsh pub (hit and miss with the staff, but they’re very friendly).
Or (opsiwn newydd)

  • we try the Cornwall in Grangetown (they run a Iaith ar ôl Gwaith on a Wednesday). I’ve never been…

The Mochyn is walkable from us too. Where are you staying?

With me in Y Bontfaen/Cowbridge. Have car and happy to just provide taxi service for Liz or perhaps join in when possible. @netmouse and @Y_Ddraig_Las may also like to meet up at some stage as we were all on bwtcamp in Caernarfon recently.


Would love to at some point, but may be logistically challenging. I can’t do evenings and work Mon to Wed - but slight chance of Thursday daytime…

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Having said which, if you lot were organising anything for Mon or Tues night, I guess there’s a chance I might be able to wangle it… :slight_smile:
And Liz, if you fancied a trip to Barry at any point when I’m not at work, you’d be very welcome of course! (Including mucking in with a couple of Welsh-speaking 7 and 10 year olds.)

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I will arrive Tuesday night and will stay with Anne. I’m happy to fall in with whatever suits people.


I’m in Pontcanna, so all the places mentioned by Anthony are walkable for me - but I won’t be able to go much further afield as I don’t have a car. (Although I do have a bike, so can cycle somewhere if there’s a safe route to be had.)


I’m firming up my day plans this week. Neil McEvoy has offered to show me round the Senedd Dy. But he hasn’t come back to me with a date just yet. Once I know, I’ll let you know. I don’t mind where we go so long as it suits people.


It’s really interesting the Senedd I took some of my students from work once.

Let me know a date once yu have it. Might be able to bounce up for a swift half :wink:

If you’ve got time on the Wednesday you will be very welcome at our weekly ‘Paned a Sgwrs’. Held every Wednesday 1:00-2:30 at Cant a mil vintage, 100 Whitchurch Rd, CF14 3LY


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That’s my earlies week that is, so I may also be able to make myself available…
…that said, my shifts may also change because of the Champions League final (I’m a bus driver in Cardiff), so I’ll keep my ear to the ground as to when everyone will be able to meet with you and if I can join you, I will. It will be nice to meet you also.
Gav :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone,

Here is the schedule to date:

I will arrive on the evening of 30/5
I’m going to the Senedd Dy on the 31/5 (with Neil McEvoy)
Go to St Fagan’s on the 1/6
Cormeston village on 2/6

So, I’m open to suggestions. I don’t know Cardiff. So, just tell, me where to meet and when and I will turn up!

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Plan ahead for getting down to the Bay. Some roads are already closed for the Champions League.

I’m easy, happy to meet wherever, it’ll be in the evening because I work full time. So let me know which evening is best for everyone.

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