Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 'Meifod' 2003 - 2015

I don’t know how many of you were lucky enough to visit the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Maldwyn a’r Gororau in 2003 (or ‘Eisteddfod Meifod’ as it’s affectionately known), but it’s an Eisteddfod which went down in history and one that will stay in some people’s memories for a very long time.

I spent the week there (as part of my recovery from an emotional breakdown), staying in a beautiful holiday chalet, overlooking lush, green rolling hills, accompanied by my parents and a dear family friend - it was a very important and special week for me. Though both Aran and myself were at the Eisteddfod for the whole week and often in exactly the same spots enjoying the same events and performances, we actually didn’t know each other at all and didn’t meet till the following year.

The Maes was placed in a beautiful setting on the Mathrafal Farm fields, surrounded by a stunning, lush, green vistas and with everything set neatly within close proximity. Vehicle access was easy and traffic flowed all week with no major problems. It was decided early on in the week that this was one of the best locations ever chosen for the Eisteddfod.

It was also a scorching hot summer! Appart from one single and much needed day of rain, the sun shone brightly, temperatures were high and parasols, sun hats and fans adorned the Eisteddfod avenues - in fact 60,000 litres of water were drunk in the back of the pavilion during the week’s competitions!

After long, hot and very therapeutic days with my family on the Maes, we spent every evening on the veranda of our holiday chalet, enjoying good conversation, good food and the odd gin and tonic, it was blissful… :wink:

Attendance was high with 7,500 more people attending than the previous year and the atmosphere was really good.

Meifod was particularly special for Aran. He was one of the Dysgwr y Flwyddyn finalists and also won a beautiful ‘Tlws Rhyddiaith Dysgwr’ for a piece of prose he wrote entitled ‘Bendramwnwgl’.

The actor Ioan Gruffudd became the newest , white robe member of the Orsedd and our good friend Twm Morys won the chair for a piece of work named ‘Drysau’. The new Welsh Dating website Pishyn.Com (where Aran and I were to met the following year in 2004) had it’s first big publicity stunt called ‘Beirdd Mewn Trons’ outside its underwear clad stall - poets and bards wearing underpants and knickers over their clothes and reading poetry - hilarious!

Mornings on the Maes begun with John Ogwen’s ritual readings of Harri Parri’s fictitious adventures of the residents of ‘Porth yr Aur’ in the Babell Len, a highly entertaining and often hilarious performance, which had the audience in stitches. I attended every morning without fail - it was fabulous and very memorable.

Serendipitously, almost two years later on a sunny 23 of July 2005, sitting in the back of a silver Mercedes, my father by my side and an ivory veil over my face, I lent forward to ask the driver if he minded switching Radio Cymru on. The car was suddenly filled with the sound of laughter, as broadcasting that afternoon, was a recording of John Ogwen’s reading of Harri Parri’s work at the Meifod Eisteddfod in 2003… and there was me in stitches again.

Well next year, the Eisteddfod goes back to the Mathrafal Farm fields in Meifod. We can’t guarantee good weather, free flowing traffic and an excellent atmosphere, but as an Eisteddfod location, it has everything going for it. For me personally, it will be so good to return to such a beautiful area which holds so many special memories. This is why, as a family, we’ve decided to spend the whole week in the area during the 2015 Eisteddfod, spending time on the maes and enjoying local attractions.

I have been lucky enough (during the last hour in fact) to secure a self catering cottage for the four of us, for August 2015 - but it wasn’t easy!

As I’ve mentioned several times in the past, there’s usually a real battle to find accommodation during the Eisteddfod week, no matter which area it’s located in, so you ALWAYS have to get in early!

This time though, possibly because of the success of the 2003 Eisteddfod, some of the self catering accommodation in the area has already been booked for several months! So a word to the wise - if you have plans on attending the Eisteddfod in Meifod in August of 2015 and are interested in finding self catering accommodation, NOW is the time to start looking and booking!

I found an independent search on Google unhelpful, but did find some lovely ‘vacant’ cottages through the ‘Sykes Cottages’ and ‘Best of Wales’ websites.

So we hope to see you there and come rain or shine we’ll make the most of the week and hope to squeeze in a really special SSiW social evening/party along the way. :slight_smile:

Meifod was particularly special for Aran. He was one of the finalists in the Dysgwr y Flwyddyn competition and also won a beautiful ‘Tlws Rhyddiaith Dysgwr’ for a piece of prose he wrote entitled ‘Bendramwnwgl’.

I have to ask what is - Bendramnwgl …?
Edit: I didn’t think to look under “P”: Great word which I’ll be using often…
Today’s word, pendramwnwgl [pɛndram’ʊnʊgl], is the Welsh word for headlong, topsy-turvy or pell-mell. This word is made up of three parts: pen (head), dra – a mutated form of tra (beyond) and mwnwgl (instep/neck). I came across it the other day and just liked the sound of it. Related words include pendraphen (head beyond head) and wynebwaered (face descent).

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Kim wrote: wynebwaered (face descent).

Interesting, wyneb i waered is the phrase I use for upside down (whether or not it’s better or more correct than ar ben i lawr I have no idea).

Gruntius posted -

Kim wrote: wynebwaered (face descent).

Interesting, wyneb i waered is the phrase I use for upside down (whether or not it’s better or more correct than ar ben i lawr I have no idea).

I would naturally use ‘ben i lawr’ for upside down and ‘wyneb i waered’ for inside out or back to front, but ‘wyneb i waered’ or ‘ben i waered’ can also be used for upside down. :wink:

Wela i, diolch Catrin.

Just another word about the Meifod Eisteddfod in 2015 -

On a couple of occasions in the past, a handful of SSiWers have come together for the week of the Eisteddfod and rented their own self catering house and had a good social time of it, visiting the Maes, going to gigs and having a sort of ‘mini bootcamp’ experience.

This above idea seems particularly beneficial for anyone traveling from abroad to be in Wales for the Eisteddfod.

So for any of our learners who fancy the above idea, it might be a good starting point to get one, organised and willing person to be responsible for coordinating and and booking and to get to grips with finding a property NOW! :wink:

As I’ve mentioned above, I’ve found Sykes Cottages particularly useful.

If the dates for 2015 aren’t yet showing on a property you might be interested in, then for a £35 deposit they will put your name down for that property on a first come first served basis. Then when the prices finally become available for the dates you require, Sykes will call you to quote the price. If at that point you are still interested, they will ask for a full deposit (usually about £100) with the remainder to be paid usually about 2 months before arrival. If you are no longer interested in that property, then they will refund the £35.

I’ve found 4 properties within or up to approximately 30 min drive to the Eisteddfod Maes in Meifod. I’ll give you the link to Sykes and then the reference number for each of the properties I have found, which you type in to a box on the top right hand corner of the page -


Property numbers -

If anyone is interested in getting together with other SSiWers for a weeks DIY ‘mini bootcamp’ during the Meifod 2015 Eisteddfod and wants a hand in organising then just send me a PM and we’ll see what we can throw together. :wink:

Just had a quick chat on the phone to the lovely people at Sykes Cottages again this afternoon to pay the deposit (OUCH!) and confirm our reservation for real - so it’s definitely happening for us!

Just a word to the wise - deposit percentages have definitely gone up since I last did anything like this, so my above guesstimate of £100 to secure a property was a ‘little’ off.

Also, since our booking, the staff at Sykes (and probably the property owners) are now very aware of the presence of the National Eisteddfod during that first week in August - when I first called they seemed to have no idea and dates and prices for summer 2015 weren’t yet available.

So I’m guessing that the most desirable properties won’t hang around for long. :wink:

This is really tempting. Giving it a lot if thought.

Oooooh wonderful Deb!

Let me know if you want me to help drum up some interest - we can always start another thread to see if anyone else fancies a 2015 Eisteddfod, SSiW house share!

decision made. I can do this if it happens. So I’ll start a new thread and say that it would not be an “official” ssiw bootcamp but a diy experience? Anything else I should say? like maybe how expensive is the Eisteddfod itself?

@Deb - this is fantastic news, if it wasn’t in August (our usual family holiday time that would be sacrilegious to miss) I would be up for it myself. We always go to the eisteddfod anyway so it will be great to bump into you again.

Have started a new thread here - https://site.saysomethingin.com/welsh/forum/44a6cd3315465062

Diolch Catrin!

Croesi bysedd…

Just giving this thread a bump. :wink:

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Catrin, your opening to this thread is so beautifully written you should translate it and enter for one of the Eisteddfod competitions, da iawn!..Mr Duw permitting I am hoping to celebrate my 65th birthday on the Eisteddfod Maes next time around. No frills, just a bucketful to drink and feed from ‘Jones Bones’ or whatever that brilliant veggie van was called…all invited if it happens.

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Those are very kind word, Stuart, diolch! Your 65th get together is a fab idea - sounds like lots of fun! :slight_smile:

Cancel all other arrangements!!! according to ‘Heno’ Geraint Jarman will be the featured act at the Friday Evening BIG Performance on the Maes

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Rwy’n siaradwr rhugl
I am a fluent speaker

Byddaf yn mynd i Meifod yn Mis Awst 2015
I will be going to Meifod in August 2015

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I’ll be at Meifod from 5th August evening onwards!

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