Eisteddfod 2015 Updates

We’re only 2 days into the submission period but already @dafyddyfelin is telling me that entries are starting to arrive at the official submission email address - eisteddfodentries@gmail.com - that’s great to hear!!

Dafydd will collect all the entries that arrive, then when the submission period finishes on Nov 1st, the different categories will be set up in this section of the forum with a poll at the top of each category for you to vote.

He won’t be posting any entries until submissions close, then they will all go up together for you to look through and cast your votes.

Dal ati! Keep it up!

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Three Welsh online businesses have put their hands up to supply prizes for our Eisteddfod so far!

If anyone knows of a business that might be interested, please let me know.

We’re particularly looking at businesses with an online presence, so that we can promote their business in thanks for their support and SSiWers wherever you are can see what they offer.


Oh, and a request from Dafydd - please don’t forget to state your forum name and real name with your entries, so that he can keep track of people’s actual identities!

Only your Ffugenwau will be shown for the voting though of course.

All the entries have now been posted on the forum. (Edit - or so I thought, apologies for the slip ups, hope all is well now!) Have a browse through them and enjoy the achievements of the entrants. Online voting will start soon to choose winners.




It’s now your chance to participate. At the end of each category in the Eisteddfod is a voting form. Register your vote there for your favourite entry.

Voting closes on Friday 13th November

The winners will be revealed shortly afterwards. See who is behind the ffugenwau!


Wow! I looked through all the entries yesterday, and it’s exciting to see the talent that’s out there! Some amazing work - beautiful singing, poetry that brought tears to my eyes, and lovely artwork. Very, very hard to choose which ones to vote for!

Still time for everyone to have a look through all the entries and vote for your favourites - voting stays open until Friday!

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Yah, I’ve listened and looked but just can’t decide.



Yes, if you haven’t voted yet you only have tomorrow - Friday 13th - left to make your mind up and get your votes in!

Don’t miss out!

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I’m happy to say that Dafydd has tallied the votes and we have some winners!

I’m in the process of contacting them all individually, then I can announce who they are, so WATCH THIS SPACE!

And a huge congratulations to ALL who sent in an entry. I’ve been absolutely thrilled by the standard and the effort you’ve all gone too - diolch yn fawr iawn!


I really really want to announce the winners in the Weekly Email today, but I’m waiting on 3 of the winners to get back to me.

Please check your SPAM folder if you sent in an entry to the Eisteddfod - it could be YOU!

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I am very pleased to let you all know that the prizes, certificates and t-shirts are in the post. Some of the sponsors sent their prizes out themselves so those winners may have already received them, others gave them to me so I have packaged them up and sent them on. Adra supplied a poster for every winner, so you’re all getting one of those!

Congratulations again to everyone who took part! The entries just keep getting better every year.


And diolch o GALON to Dee for everything she’s done with this :star: :star2:


I have received my goody parcel and I’m thrilled and wearing my T-shirt for all to see. Thank you so much Dee for organising everything-a lot of hard work I’m sure.I hope you had a T-shirt too! A big Thank you to Daffydd also. Looking forward to next year
Diolch yn fawr iawn


Where is your picture for us to see??? :wink:


You’re quite right, I will post a picture as soon as I can organise one- If you’re really sure you want one -a picture but not a pretty one! -just look at the T -shirt not the model.


I will be honest, Maureen, it is the t-shirt in which I am interested!!


I’m glad to hear everything arrived Maureen.

I don’t know if Lisa (@kingskidgirl) is on the forum very often, but I’ll let her know you liked the design. The t-shirts are rather special :sunny:

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Please!! Pretty please!! Os gwelych yn dda!! Still we have seen no picture!! Maybe a shy winner could hang their t-shirt on a hook and take its photo???

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It appears they are all very shy!

But don’t despair - Karla will be visiting very soon and I will be personally presenting her t-shirt to her, so there should be a photo opportunity somewhere :smile:


Brilliant!!! :sunny: